Common Drinking Water Contaminants

Last Updated on September 1, 2020

It’s important to know what the most common drinking water contaminants are in order to make sure that you’re drinking water is free from any toxins that can harm your family.  some toxins and contaminants can cause a funky odor in your water but others can go undetected if you do not test your water for them.

As a matter of fact all microbial and organic contaminants should be tested for to ensure that your water is in fact safe to drink. Unfortunately many people go on for years not knowing what’s in their water. And unfortunately this can lead to significant health issues after being exposed to certain microbial contaminants for extended periods of time. Most people only become aware of contaminants in their water when it’s become public knowledge through the media or your local public health department. But in fact you should test your water for contaminants and not rely on what could be delayed information. You can find my recommendations for the best water test kits or you can find your own but the important thing is that you test your water. Here is the list for the most common drinking water contaminants.










 bacteria and viruses










 again these contaminants cannot be detected with human senses alone. And well certain levels of these will be found in water and will not be necessarily harmful to you it is imperative that you know whether or not the levels in your own drinking water is at safe and healthy levels.

these contaminants are divided by the US EPA into two groups.

 the first group is considered acute contaminants. Exposure to acute contaminants can cause health issues within a very short. Of time, as little as hours or days. This is often caused when a human consumes a large amount of a contaminant and the most common cause for acute contamination is via bacteria and viruses. Well most healthy adults can fight off bacteria and viruses found in water the very young and the very old are the most susceptible to having Health consequences from consuming contaminated water.

 II category is chronic effects from contaminated water. This is when someone consumes contaminants in smaller quantities over a long. Of time and gradually accumulates the negative effects of consuming said contaminants. These contaminants often fall in to the categories of pesticides and other chemicals often seeping into the drinking water from pollution from companies and other polluters.

 If you are concerned about the quality of your drinking water, be sure to test it and check for low levels of contamination. I am a huge proponent of using a high-quality water filter in the home as well, and you can find my articles on the best different types of water filters below. 

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