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Last Updated on September 1, 2020

Are you searching for the best soaker hose?

I have reviewed the top models on the market today and after reading this article you will know my recommendations.

Check the quick list below for links to customer reviews and prices for my best soaker hose picks, or read on for the full review:

  1. Rocky Mountain Goods Soaker Hose
  2. Teknor Apex Apex Soil Soaker Hose, 100-Feet
  3. Taisia Soaker Hose 50 ft 1/2’’ Diameter
  4. Melnor Flat Soaker Garden Hose 50 ft.
  5. One Stop Gardens 3/4 in. x 50 ft. Flat Seeper Soaker Hose

With the world’s shifting consciousness to the environment and the constant attempts being made by consumers and companies alike to reduce waste, soaker hoses have become the very popular option gardeners go for when it comes to the methods they approach in watering and maintaining their gardens.

What is a soaker hose?

A soaker hose looks like a regular garden hose but functions in a different way that is deemed less wasteful and more practical for gardening purposes. The hose is made out of a porous tubing that allows the water to permeate through the tiny holes across the hose and reach the plantation at a steady rate.

Soaker hoses allow the water to seep out of the tube in the form of droplets instead of being sprayed onto the foliage of your plants. This does not only give a chance for the plant to grow in a healthier manner since the water reaches the roots at very low pressure and does not cause the same damage caused by deep watering, but it also reduces the chance of the plant growing fungal infections since the leaves remain relatively dry.

With the mechanism a soaker hose functions, you can save up an average of 70% of the water you would normally use to water your garden with a regular hose or a sprinkler. And at the low cost of soaker hoses, this very quickly becomes a win-win situation for both you and the environment, and not to mention, it will also help your plants grow stronger, so technically, it’s a win-win-win!

This type of hose is perfect for small and flat garden plots but is also applicable for watering larger plots as well. It will ensure that the water is being distributed evenly across the whole garden without having to worry about reaching the hard-to-water places.

What Makes a Good Soaker Hose?

Although soaker hoses are undoubtedly better than regular hoses when it comes to worry-free garden watering, there still are good and bad soaker hoses. We’ve highlighted some of the things that make for a good soaker hose depending on your preference.


Probably the most important quality you should look for in a good hose is how durable it is. Soaker hoses especially need to be made out of durable material due to its function, as if the tubing is made out of poor quality, the tiny pores where the water seeps may expand or break with heavy-use or on the long run.

You may find that the tube of a poor quality hose may start spraying water through these holes instead of allowing it to seep through in the form of droplets and this ultimately renders a soaker hose pointless since it will then do the same thing a sprinkler does.


Depending on where you may want to use your soaker hose and how you plan to lay it down, you will need to consider how flexible it is. Good soaker hoses offer a sense of flexibility, however, some soaker hoses, made out of woven nylon offer a lot more flexibility in comparison to the generic rubber-made ones and hence allow the user to lay the hose down in a more convenient manner.

Not Developing Kinks

Hoses are now being manufactured in a way that eliminates kinks developing during use. If your hose kinks, it will affect the pressure inside the tubing and will, in turn, affect the irrigation process. Double-walled hoses are now largely available in the market and help fix this problem to prolong the life of your soaker hose.


To maintain the waste-free approach, most soaker hoses are made out of recycled materials like rubber and other polyethylene products. These materials last for a long time whilst maintaining their integrity.

However, other hoses can also be made out of plastic, vinyl, or nylon which makes it more affordable but may tamper with its functional integrity especially since plastic hoses are easily affected by the sun.


Again, according to your preference and where you may be using the hose, you should find a soaker hose with a suitable length. The perfect hose would be long enough to cover the areas you want to water but not too long to develop kinks.

An option you may consider if you have a larger garden would be using connectors to link more than one hose together and obtain more length and coverage. You should, however, make sure that the connectors you buy for your hose are compatible and strong enough to sustain the water-pressure without breaking.

Best Soaker Hoses

Rocky Mountain Goods Soaker Hose

This Rocky Mountain Goods hose saves you 70% of the water a sprinkler would generally waste and is simple and easy to use. You simply screw it onto your faucet and turn the tap on for it to start gently watering your garden or flower beds.

The soaker hose is 50 feet long and comes with attachment fittings that allow you to connect together more than one hose to create one longer hose for bigger plots.


  • Made out of heavy-duty rubber
  • Includes quick-attach reinforced fittings for connecting more than one hose together
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty


  • This hose can develop leakages when used regularly under high water pressure

Teknor Apex Apex Soil Soaker Hose

Although this hose does not promise to save as much as the Rocky Mountain Goods hose; saving up to an average of 30%, the Teknor Apex soaker hose is much more flexible because of its innovative structure.

The Teknor hose also is made in a way that allows the water to seep through its pores and go directly to the roots providing even water distribution and soaking for your whole garden regardless of how flat your plot is; this hose is made to function just as well on inclined surfaces.


  • Made out of vinyl which allows it to be more flexible than other soaker hoses
  • Includes ABS plastic E-Z Tite brass couplings that make connecting hoses together, a more secure application
  • Comes in various lengths (25, 50, 75, and 100 feet)
  • Can be connected with other hoses to reach up to 400 feet in length


  • The water pressure tends to vary along the tubing when more than one hose are connected together, so the longer the hose, the less water successfully irrigates out of the end side of the hose

Taisia Soaker Hose 50 ft 1/2’’ Diameter

Again saving you up to 70% of the water a sprinkler uses, the Taisia Soaker hose provides a simple design that makes it easy to install and use. It’s boasted for its flexibility as it is much easier to lug around your garden than other typical soaker hoses.

This hose has a smaller diameter and a higher tensile strength making it lighter than most hoses on the market. The tubing is made out of 100% recycled materials, is lead-free, and safe for the environment.


  • Made out of high-quality, thick, and durable recycled material that prevents cracks that lead to leaking and spraying
  • UV inhibitors are added to the hose’s material which allows it to withstand sun damage
  • Water pressure can be adjusted to allow the hose to function better on slopes and inclines plots
  • Very flexible and lightweight, allowing it to be unrolled and maneuvered around the garden with the least effort


  • The connectors tend to break with long-term use, so it is recommended to buy alternate connectors

Melnor Flat Soaker Garden Hose 50 ft.

With the material this hose is made out of, it allows it to be easily moved, rolled, and stored, unlike other non-foldable soaker hoses that do not have as much flexibility as this Melnor hose. The flat tube design allows it to be placed in and around your garden for optimum coverage while still saving up water.

This hose can also fit onto a regular garden hose which makes it extendable to reach further places


  • Tubing is made out of a foldable material which allows it to be easily and conveniently stored without taking up much space
  • Includes a rust-resistant connector that allows several hoses to be connected together in a  sturdy manner
  • Very flexible due to the foldable tubing design making it suitable for use in corners and tight spaces where a regular hose wouldn’t be flexible enough to go


  • The hose cannot be connected to other soaker hoses and is mainly suitable for small garden plots

One Stop Gardens 3/4 in. x 50 ft. Flat Seeper Soaker Hose

 One Stop Garden’s flat sleeper soaker hose, like the Melnor hose, features a foldable tube design that allows it to fit into and around tight spaces.

This hose has the ability to lie flat on the soil which allows it to seep the water close to the roots and hence saves up more water due to the reduced evaporation.


  • Made out of heavy duty woven nylon for a foldable and durable tubing
  • Can be used with miser discs to restrict water flow up to 75%
  • Standard ¾” thread gives this hose the ability to be hooked onto most home hose connections


  • Due to its flexible-nature, the inner hose can start to develop kinks, restricting even water flow throughout the hose with heavy use

For more water guides and tips read these articles:

For someone with a smaller garden plot, I’d recommend the Melnor flat hose for its durable and customizable design, however, if you have a larger garden, especially one in a warmer climate, the Taisia soaker hose would probably be your best bet since it stands up well to sun damage.

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