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Last Updated on September 1, 2020

Are you looking for the best sewer camera for the money?

I’ve used a number of sewer cameras over the years and tech has improved a lot in recent years making it much more affordable to get a high quality sewer camera yourself. I’ve reviewed the top rated sewer cameras on the market and after reading this article you will know my recommendations.

Check the quick list below for links to customer reviews and prices for the best sewer camera picks, or read on for the full review:

  1. Anysun 50m/164ft Drain Pipe Inspection Sewer Camera
  2. Hbuds Endoscope 50M/165ft Pipe Camera
  3. Aukfa Borescope Camera 100ft Snake Cam
  4. TIANG Sewer Camera Waterproof IP68 with DVR
  5. L Limink Wireless Endoscope Camera

Best Sewer Camera Top Picks

Anysun 50m/164ft Drain Pipe Inspection Sewer Camera

This top sewer camera is incredibly easy to use and offers high performance imaging. The software works perfectly and operation is as easy as turn it on and go. The super high definition camera provides 1080p video and images making inspecting pipes incredibly quick and simple. Video can be recorded and you can watch in real time. This camera features 12 adjustable LED lights and the camera is waterproof. The lights allow clear images and video even in wet and low lighting environments. The included seven inch screen makes inspection easy as you can complete real time analysis while searching for obstructions and issues. The rechargeable battery provides hours of consistent performance as well. This sewer camera comes with a 12 month manufacturer warranty and it is an exceptional option for those who need the best performing sewer camera.

  • Best performing sewer camera
  • High definition 1080p image and video quality
  • Real time and recorded imaging options
  • Seven inch viewing screen
  • Waterproof and durable

Hbuds Endoscope 50M/165ft Pipe Camera

This is an exceptional color sewer camera system offering real time and recorded video capture. You can inspect pipes quickly and accurately with this adjustable inspection camera. The built in DVR function makes recording easy if you need later playback. The 165 foot cable can tackle most inspection scenarios and the camera provides excellent quality images and video. This sew camera performs very well when viewing hard to reach areas. Image quality is good even in no light and remote pipe locations. The camera is waterproof and durable making this an excellent overall value. The tool case will keep your camera safe and make transportation easy allowing you to take it with you wherever you need to go. This is an excellent professional quality sewer camera.

  • Top professional quality sewer camera
  • Portable and easy to transport
  • High image and video quality
  • Waterproof and durable

Aukfa Borescope Camera 100ft Snake Cam

This borescope is popular with plumbers, contractors, engineers, inspectors, and other professionals and for good reason. This pipe inspection camera is very reliable and easy to use. It is designed to reach locations that are hard to get to and is used for waste water systems, pipelines, drains, storm water systems, and ducts. This camera is great at locating obstructions and confirming that any obstructions have been effectively removed from the system. This camera works great in residential and industrial settings and offers a high resolution camera equipped with LED lights allowing for use in no light areas. You can view video and images in real time or record them for later viewing. This is an excellent plumbing and sewer system camera.

  • Best versatile borescope camera
  • Popular with professional contractors, plumbers, engineers, inspectors and more
  • LED light for no light areas
  • Great for hard to reach locations

TIANG Sewer Camera Waterproof IP68 with DVR

This is an excellent sewer camera for low light areas. It is capable of handling many inspecting situations including HVAC, plumbing, machinery, building inspection, railway, wells, drains, and more. This system offers a high quality waterproof camera that provides consistent and reliable image and video quality. The endoscope camera provides easy and quick work to most inspection situations. This sewer camera system allows real time and recorded imaging for quick and easy identification of obstructions and other issues allowing them to be fixed quickly. This camera system is very portable and easy to take with you in the field. It also comes with a one year manufacturer warranty for an overall excellent value.

  • Ideal for HVAC, machinery, building inspection, drains, wells and more
  • High quality image and video quality
  • Waterproof and built to last
  • Portable and made to be used in the field

L Limink Wireless Endoscope Camera

This is the best residential sewer camera. This camera offers home owners a simple and reliable way to find obstructions and ensure they are cleared appropriately. The camera offers high definition video while being equipped with 6 adjustable LED lights for viewing dark areas and pipes. The 49.2 foot long flexible camera cable makes reaching difficult areas easy. This camera also works great for vehicle repairs, appliance work, air conditioning, and behind wall work. The camera features zoom up to 400% making locating small items a breeze. The camera is waterproof and well constructed making it a long lasting tool that is an exceptional value. View all the images directly on your smartphone and it works with iPhone and Android devices.

  • Best residential endoscope
  • Ideal for sewer pipes, appliance work, car repairs, behind wall work and more
  • View directly on your iPhone or Android device
  • High definition images and video
  • Excellent value

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Here is the quick list with the best sewer camera picks one more time. To view prices and customer reviews see the links below.

  1. Anysun 50m/164ft Drain Pipe Inspection Sewer Camera
  2. Hbuds Endoscope 50M/165ft Pipe Camera
  3. Aukfa Borescope Camera 100ft Snake Cam
  4. TIANG Sewer Camera Waterproof IP68 with DVR
  5. L Limink Wireless Endoscope Camera
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