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Last Updated on September 1, 2020

Are you searching for the best RV water filter?

There are multiple different styles of water filters for you to ensure you’re drinking safe and clean water when on the road. I have reviewed the top models available and after reading this article you will know my recommendations.

Check out the quick list below for links to customer reviews and prices for my best RV water filter picks, or read on for the full review:

  1. iSpring CU-A4 4-Stage Compact High Efficiency Under Sink Inline Drinking Water Filter System
  2. Culligan RVF-10 Exterior RV Drinking Water Filter
  3. Camco EVO Premium RV Water Filter
  4. Culligan RV-EZ-3 EZ-Change RV Drinking Water Filtration System
  5. Pure Water Inline Water Filter

Selecting the Best RV Water Filter

There are a few things to consider when you are getting started shopping for an RV water filter. I think that the first thing that you’ll want to take into consideration is the quality of water that you normally have access to. RV water filters vary widely, and some hook up to the kitchen tap, while others are larger systems that are a bit more expensive, but will do a better job filtering your water.

It’s also a good idea to consider the flow of the filter that you’re choosing. Some water filters will offer a great flow rate, which means that you don’t need to worry about taking forever to fill up your cup, while others go much slower. If you tend to be in a hurry, then I suggest looking for a water filter with a faster flow rate so that this doesn’t become an issue.


Buying a high-quality RV water filter makes a lot of sense, no matter how much time you spend in your RV. You don’t want to be putting yourself or your family at risk of drinking contaminated water, which can easily happen when you’re in an RV.

In many places, you can only get high-quality drinking water if you are willing to pay a premium for it at the store. RVers, however, don’t want to have to stop in to the store every time they want water, which is why investing in a water filter is a good idea.

Water filters will remove sediment from your water and will quickly improve the taste and the odor of your drinking water. This is a great way to limit your exposure not only to dirt and debris, but also to bacteria, chlorine, and other pollutants that may be in your water.

When you install an RV water filter, then you won’t have to worry about water quality when you’re in a grid down situation. You and your family will be able to hit the road and know that you will have access to clean water, no matter what’s going on around you. This can be a literal lifesaver when you’re in a dangerous situation.

Additionally, by investing in a great water filter for your RV, you won’t have to worry about bringing your water with you on a trip. Bringing your desired water with you won’t just take up a lot of space, but it will also add weight to your RV, which will reduce your gas mileage.

When you invest in a filter, then you will be able to have all of the filtered water that you need without planning ahead to bring it with you, which is great for emergencies.

What to Look For

One thing that you’ll want to consider is how often you need to change the filter. If you spend time in your RV all year long, then a filter that only lasts for 250 gallons may not be the best option for you. There are some filters that can easily filter larger amounts of water, and you will want to consider one of these.

Additionally, check to see if it uses granulated active carbon, as this does a wonderful job not only removing debris from your water, but also making sure that it tastes and smells great.

I recommend that you consider the installation of the water filter you’re considering and make sure that you’re up to the task. Some RV water filters connect easily to the tap, while others are more advanced and require more effort and time. It’s important that you don’t buy a water filter that you’re going to struggle to use or to change.

Sediment filters are measured in microns, which tells the size of the particles they can remove. The smaller the micron rating on the filter, the better job it will do removing pollutants from your water.

How to Use Your New RV Water Filter

How you set up your new water filter will determine how it is used as well as where it is installed. No matter what, you need to make sure that you securely connect all of the tubes and connectors so that you don’t have any threading issues or leaks.

Make sure that you change the filter on a regular basis, or when suggested by the manufacturer so that you don’t have to worry about the filter not doing its job.


The main problem that RVers have with their water filter is when they don’t change it often enough. It’s important that you not only change the filter on a regular basis to keep your water clean, but also that you winterize the system as necessary to prevent leaks and damage to your filter.

Best RV Water Filters

When traveling with your family you’ll unfortunately not always have safe drinking water where you stay. I am a huge stickler about keeping my family supplied with clean and safe water. Using a quality RV water filter can help you do so even when on the road. I reviewed the top models for quality, dependability, and ease of use.

iSpring CU-A4 4-Stage Compact High Efficiency Under Sink Inline Drinking Water Filter System

This is an incredibly compact water filter, which is great for use in an RV as it doesn’t take up too much space. Since there isn’t a storage tank, nor is there any waste water, you never need to worry about the efficiency of this filter. The cartridges last for a very long time and are simple to change, which is great for RVers in a hurry.


  • 4-stage water filtration
  • Removes up to 99% of pollutants
  • Incredibly compact and flexible
  • Offers reliable maximum flow rate
  • Cartridges last twice as long as similar options
  • All parts comply with FDA standards
  • Faucet is all metal


  • Directions are not clear
  • Tends to leak water from dispenser
  • Ships with lubrication on the cartridges that needs to be removed

Culligan RVF-10 Exterior RV Drinking Water Filter

Thanks to the sturdy design of this water filter, you won’t need to worry about it failing. It has a very slim design, and the hose fitting kit is easy to use so that it can be quickly installed and stored. Additionally, it does a great job filtering out bad tastes and odors from water as well as contaminants.


  • Sturdy design is great for exterior filtration
  • Clean and durable storage tank
  • Slim design is easy to store
  • Cartridges have a life of 3 months or 250 gallons
  • Removes sediment, odors, and bad taste from water


  • Tends to leak
  • Not rated for as many gallons as other options
  • Bottom filter can easily break when exposed to freezing temperatures

Camco EVO Premium RV Water Filter

Made specifically for use on RVs, this small water filter is mighty and does a great job reducing odor, taste, sediment, chlorine, and bacteria. It’s incredibly easy to hook up to an RV, and the replacement water filter cartridges can easily be replaced when necessary. Thanks to the extension hose, you can easily install this filter almost anywhere.


  • Features active carbon and a 5 micron barrier
  • Filter can easily be replaced
  • Filter will last an entire camping season
  • Provides streamlined water flow, thanks to in-line design
  • Attaches quickly to any standard water connection
  • Connects external to water hose connection


  • Water can have a funny smell
  • Will leak a little when first installed
  • Water pressure decreases by the end of the camping season

Culligan RV-EZ-3 EZ-Change RV Drinking Water Filtration System

When you install this powerful water filter, you will enjoy great filtered water in no time at all. Not only will it remove contaminants from your drinking water, but it also reduces odor and bad tastes, which is great for when you are hooked up to a lower quality water source. By winterizing your filter you can have confidence that it will be ready to go again in the spring without any damage.


  • 6-month or 500 gallon capacity
  • Includes a winterization kit to protect against freezing temperatures
  • NSF certified
  • Twist-on and off installation is fast and easy
  • Quick-connect fittings are secure and designed to prevent leaks
  • Center screw hole keeps the filter housing from being pushed off of the mounting screws


  • Filter flows very slowly
  • The change filter light isn’t in a place where it can sense the filter

Pure Water Inline Water Filter

If you are looking for a water filter that you can install and then forget, then you will want to consider this option, as it lasts for up to 1500 gallons, which is great for a larger family who RVs together. Rather than having to replace the filter every few months, this one can last up to a one month before it needs to be replaced, ensuring that you always have access to clean water that tastes and smells great.


  • Quick-connect fittings use a ¼” line
  • NSF tested and certified
  • Doesn’t use glues or binders that may contaminate water
  • Relies on granular activated carbon for filtering
  • Only needs to be replaced every 1500 gallons or 1 year


  • Doesn’t always ship with directions

For more guides and tips check out these articles:

I think that the Camco premium water filter is the best one on this list, not only because it is rated to 5 microns, but also because it is incredibly easy to install and to change the filter when it needs to be replaced. I know that many RVers forget to change their filters when needed, which can put them at risk of drinking contaminated water, and since the Camco is so easy to change, there’s no reason to put off this task. It’s rated to remove many contaminants, like heavy metals, lead, and aluminum, and it is designed to resist the growth of mold and bacteria when the filter isn’t being used, which is great for sporadic use.

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