Best Tactical Backpack

Are you searching for the best tactical backpack?

A high quality tactical backpack is perfect for hiking, camping, hunting, trekking, and as a bug out bag. I own multiple tactical backpacks for various scenarios and I recommend you do as well.

In this article I have reviewed the most popular options available and after reading this article you will know my recommendations.

Check out the quick list below for links to customer reviews and prices for the best tactical backpack picks, or read on for my full review:

  1.  5.11 Rush 24 Military Tactical Backpack Medium Molle Rucksack
  2.  5.11 Rush 12 Tactical Military Assault Small Molle Backpack 
  3.  Mardingtop Molle Tactical Backpack
  4.  SOG Ninja Tactical Day Pack 24.2 Liter
  5.  Reebow Gear Military Tactical Assault Army Molle Backpack

There are a few things to take into consideration when shopping for a tactical backpack, including the appearance of your new backpack. 

  • Capacity
  • Color 
  • Comfort
  • Weight 

If you want one that will blend in with the environment, then you may want to think about a camouflage backpack.

I recommend dark or neutral color backpack. And of course camouflage is an excellent way to go.

Additionally, take into consideration the capacity of the backpack you’re choosing. 

It’s important that you have enough storage space to easily pack all of your necessities without worrying about having to leave anything behind or accidentally breaking something during the packing process. 

When you know how you want to use your backpack, you can easily choose one that is large enough.

When in doubt, I recommend going for a larger pack.

You must consider your body size when picking a pack. Carrying a poorly fitted tactical backpack will put strain on your back and lead to fatigue. 

I find that to ensure that you will be as comfortable as possible when wearing your backpack, you will want to consider your torso length. 

While there are many unisex backpacks that can easily work for a man or a woman, it’s important to take into consideration your build, how the weight will sit on your hips, and if there are chest straps to help distribute the weight evenly and make it easier to carry.

The weight of the backpack will also come into play, especially if you will be carrying the backpack for long periods of time. 

You want to make sure that the backpack you choose is light enough to be comfortable, but still durable while providing all of the features that you need.

Benefits of Having a Tactical Backpack

Quality tactical style backpacks are perfect for bug out bags,  hiking, camping, and trekking.

As a bug out bag, keeping it packed with all essential emergency preparation supplies will allow you to evacuate quickly and efficiently. 

Tactical backpacks provide all of the space that you need to pack essentials when you are faced with an emergency and also offer you much more protection for your belongings than regular backpacks do. 

This means that you can bring not only matches, food, and gear, but also any important documents. As tactical backpacks offer water protection, you can keep important documents with you when you need them. 

What to Look For

The features of tactical backpacks are what really set them apart from others on the market and will make them meet your needs. 

I recommend selecting a tactical backpack that has a molle system, as they make it easy to bring with you all of your necessary gear. 

Molle systems are incredibly easy to use and will allow you to secure items to your backpack without having to worry about them falling off and becoming lost when you are on the move. 

Knowing how to properly attach items via the molle system on your backpack is important.  

Another essential feature to look for is waterproof fabric. 

Look for grommets that will release any water that gets into your backpack. 

You want to make sure that all of your belongings stay dry, no matter the weather.

Finally, take into consideration the amount of pockets on your backpack, how easily you can access them, and if the zippers are easy to use. 

The last thing that you want to have to deal with is having problems getting into your backpack when you’re on the trail or bugging out.

Check out this great video explaining how to use a molle system.

How to Best Use Your Tactical Backpack

Tactical backpacks are incredibly versatile. I have multiple tactical backpacks that I take on the trail for extended hikes and packed and ready for a natural disaster. 

You don’t have to wait until you are faced with a grid-down situation to load up your tactical backpack and get out of your home. They are perfect for any outdoor trip.

The tactical backpacks I recommend are great for hiking, trekking, and camping trips, as you can easily bring with you any items that you may need when you are out of the home. 

Because they feature plenty of room and different pocket options, you can plan ahead for your weekend trip, or extended hike.

Tactical backpacks also work great for work. 

Due to their sturdy construction, waterproof design, and multiple pouches and pockets, you can separate and store all of the papers and electronics that you need for a day at the office.

With all that in mind, here are my recommendations for the best tactical backpacks.

Top Rated Tactical Backpacks

5.11 Rush 24 Military Tactical Backpack Medium Molle Rucksack Bug Out Bag

With plenty of pockets for all of your gear, you won’t ever have to worry about leaving anything behind when you opt for this great tactical backpack. The durable straps are thick and cushioned, so the backpack will be comfortable when you wear it, and the attractive and muted colors won’t stand out in the woods. Amazing all around tactical backpack perfect for bugging out and taking on the trails.


        Features roomy main storage area

        Has two zipping side pockets

        Integrated draw cord keeps stuff-it pocket closed

        Pull tabs are large and can be used with gloves

        Reinforced handle is designed to prevent tearing

        Offers 2275 cubic inches of space

        Covered with water-repellent coating

        Includes molle webbing


        Stitching may unravel after a few years of use

        Bottom of the bag only has a single layer

        Not ideal for taller users

5.11 Rush 12 Tactical Military Assault Molle Backpack Bug Out Rucksack Small 56892 Double Tap

Thanks to the two internal compression straps, you will be able to easily fit a lot into your new tactical backpack without worrying about it taking up too much room. This comfortable backpack is perfect for any bug-out situation, as well as for normal hiking, as it offers plenty of room and is incredibly durable and long-lasting. This is an excellent compact tactical pack.


        Has 16 individual compartments

        Made of durable 1050D nylon

        Has self-repairing YKK zippers

        Has hook and loop nametape

        Contoured yoke straps are cushioned and designed to last

        Adjustable height sternum strap

        Has molle webbing


        Plastic buckles tend to break and aren’t high-quality

        Seams can pull apart with extreme weight in the backpack

Mardingtop 25L/35L Tactical Backpack Molle Hiking Daypack

With multiple color options, this tactical backpack allows you to blend seamlessly into the environment. The zipper to the main compartment zips completely open allowing easy access to supplies, and there is plenty of room to treat this bag as a bug out bag for emergencies. Excellent light weight, all around backpack.


        Contains hydration compartment to hold 2.5 liter bladder

        Waist belt design is stitched in for a snug and secure fit

        Molle webbing allows you to attach additional gear

        Made from 600D polyester

        Has four molle hooks underneath the bag for hooking additional items

        Only weighs 2.7 pounds when empty

        Security straps can cinch down your gear


        Zippers may fail

        Backpack can mildew if not dried after use

SOG Ninja Tactical Day Pack 24.2 Liter

Not only can you separate your items into multiple compartments, all your gear will be dry do to the excellent water protection. The adjustable and padded straps are incredibly comfortable and make wearing the backpack for long periods of time a breeze. I really like this backpack for day to three day hikes.


        Contains multiple compartments for all of your belongings

        Has molle webbing

        Shoulder straps are completely adjustable

        Water-repellent polyester will keep your gear dry

        Dual bottom grommet drainage holes prevent your gear from staying wet

        Backed by a lifetime warranty

        Hydration compatible


        Bag is smaller than others on the market

REEBOW Gear Military Tactical Assault Backpack Army Molle Bug Out Bag Small Rucksack

This high-quality tactical backpack is designed to make trips into the woods as easy as possible. Because you have plenty of room to bring your gear, you will be prepared for any scenario. The smaller size of this backpack, however, means that it is best suited to people who have smaller frames and may struggle with larger backpacks. This is a perfect choice for small to average sized men and women.


        Ventilated mesh padding shoulder strap

        Molle system allows you to attach other items to the backpack

        Hydration bladder can be used

        Utility-style cord pulls are durable

        Padded shoulder straps are comfortable

        All zippers are heavy-duty and double stitched

        Water-resistant fabric protects your items


        Does not ship with a hydration bladder

        Zippers tend to strip open

I recommend the 5.11 Rush 24 Military Tactical Backpack, medium, for most people who are looking for a high-quality tactical backpack for overall use. 

Thanks to the durable material used in construction, you don’t have to worry about your documents, food, or electronics getting wet when you pack them in this bag. 

Additionally, the external compression straps make it easy to fit everything inside and the comfortable shoulder straps will prevent you from being uncomfortable wearing this backpack, no matter how far you are walking.

Depending on your size and intended use, any of the above recommended packs is sure to serve you well.

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