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Searching for the best scroll saw?

I’ve reviewed the most popular models available and after reading this article you will know my recommendations.

Check out the quick list below for links to customer reviews and prices for the best scroll saw picks, or read on for the full review:

  1.  Dewalt DW788 1.3 Amp 20″ Variable Speed Scroll Saw
  2.  Shop Fox W1713 16″ Variable Speed Scroll Saw
  3.  SKIL 3335-07 16″ 1.2 Amp Scroll Saw with Light
  4.  Wen 3920 16″ Two Directional Variable Speed Scroll Saw
  5.  Dremel MS20-01 Moto-Saw Variable Speed Compact Scroll Saw Kit

Woodworkers who want to be able to create intricate cuts and designs in wood, metal, or other materials need to make sure that they invest in a great scroll saw. These saws allow you complete control over the material that you’re working on and make it possible to quickly and easily cut incredible designs. I love my scroll saw and know how important it is to buy the best scroll saw that you can, which is why I put together this guide. You can use it to help you choose the right scroll saw for your needs so that you can easily make the cuts you want.

Choosing a scroll saw can be a little intimidating. I think that one of the best areas to start comparing saws is with the throat size. This tells you the distance between the back of the saw and the back of the blade and will play a huge role in how large a piece of wood you can cut. Generally speaking, 16” scroll saws are fairly basic and great options for beginners while more advanced users will want to have something a little larger, around 20”. 

It’s also important to consider what type of blades the saw is going to use. Unpinned, or pinless, blades come in a wide variety of options, making it easy for users to complete very detailed and tight cuts. On the other hand, pinned blades are much thicker and don’t allow for fine details but are generally easier to put on the saw and aren’t as prone to breaking.

I also think that you need to consider the size of the work table to ensure that it is big enough for you to work comfortably on your piece. It’s important that you can freely spin the material that you’re working on without it hanging off of the table or it won’t have the necessary support. I prefer cast iron or aluminum tables as they are simply much more durable than wooden tables are.

Benefits of Having a Quality Scroll Saw

Scroll saws are great if you are going to be cutting very intricate designs and want to make sure that you will have complete control over your blade. These saws can be used to make curves, cut angles, create dovetail joints, and cut intricate designs for woodworking and jewelry. 

Not only are scroll saws great for use with a wide variety of materials but they are relatively easy to use and don’t take up a lot of space in a workshop. When you own a scroll saw, you will be able to cut not only through wood but also through metal, plastic, bone, cork, ivory, and even mother-of-pearl. You may have to invest in special blades for some materials but this still allows you to do something with this saw that you can’t with any others in your workshop. 

What to Look For

There are some advanced features that you can look for when buying a scroll saw and these will really improve the way that you are able to use your new saw. However, I think that there are some basic features that you will want to consider as well; looking for these will ensure that you get the best saw for the money.

One great feature is variable speed control. This allows every user to use the scroll saw at a speed that he or she is comfortable with. While it is common for users to speed up as they gain comfort using a scroll saw, being able to start out slowly is a good idea. Additionally, being able to control speed is very important as different materials will need to be cut at different speeds for the best results.

You also should consider a light as well as a dust collection system. These will both make it easier for you to operate your scroll saw and to see your project.

How to Best Use Your Scroll Saw

Using a scroll saw is fairly simple. If you are going to be cutting from the outside of your material, then simply line it up with the blade, turn on the saw, and guide the material towards the blade. Always make sure that you have chosen the right blade for your work and that you guide the wood gently instead of pushing it hard against the blade as this can cause the blade to break. 

If you will be making internal cuts, then you first need to drill a hole through the material and then slide the blade through the hole before reattaching it.


Just as when you use any woodworking equipment, you need to make sure that you are safe. The first thing that you need to wear are safety goggles as they will protect your eyes from broken blades or flying bits of material. Additionally, make sure to wear a dust mask if your scroll saw doesn’t have a dust removal system. 

You also need to make sure that you have ample lighting when using the saw so that you can see to keep your fingers clear from the blades and use an eraser to help guide wood that is very close to the blade so that you don’t have an accident.

Top Rated Scroll Saws

Dewalt DW788 1.3 Amp 20" Variable Speed Scroll Saw

DEWALT has a great reputation for producing quality equipment and tools and this scroll saw is no exception. Thanks to details such as the blade tensioning lever, easy-to-operate on/off switch, and ability to bevel to the left and right, this is a great scroll saw for beginners as well as more advanced users.


        It is incredibly quiet when in use.

        The blade installation is fast and easy, thanks to the tool-free blade clamp.

        The flexible dust blower makes it easy for users to see where they are cutting.

        The arm lifts easily to allow blade to be threaded through material.


        Speed tends to suddenly slow down when cutting.

        It shakes violently at higher speeds, making it impossible to cut smooth and straight lines.

Shop Fox W1713 16" Variable Speed Scroll Saw

With a 16” maximum cutting width, this scroll saw is large enough to handle most any project. The motor has a no-load speed of 550 to 1700 spm and even features a dust blower and port to ensure a clean, highly visible work surface. With the table tilt mechanism, it’s easy to cut wood on an angle.


        It easily cuts through thick green wood without problems.

        It doesn’t vibrate very much even at higher speeds.

        It is great for making rounded cuts without having to use relief cuts.

        The gooseneck work light allows users to easily see what they are working on.


        It doesn’t work well with pinless blades.

        The hold-down level tends to slip during operation.

SKIL 3335-07 16" 1.2 Amp Scroll Saw

This scroll saw is heavy enough to be used without clamping it down to the table, although doing so will allow you to use it at a higher speed without it jumping. The large work table is 10” by 16” and can be tilted to allow for perfect, precise cuts every time. With fast and easy blade changes, users will be able to cut through anything with ease.


        It works with both pin and pinless blades.

        The electronic speed control makes it easy to adjust the speed.

        It has a 16” throat for cutting thick pieces.

        The LED worklight articulates and clearly lights up the workspace.


        The bolts and fasteners can come apart due to extreme vibrations.

        The dust removal system isn’t very powerful.

Wen 3920 16" Two Directional Variable Speed Scroll Saw

With a variable speed of 400 to 1600 spm, this powerful 120V motor is great for cutting through most any material that you are using and won’t force you to slow down. Enjoy angled cuts to the left as well as a flex light so that you can clearly see what project you are working on, which will reduce the chance of you making a mistake during cutting.


        Variable speed is smooth and allows for even cutting.

        It accepts blades in both standard and in 90-degree directions.

        It cuts wood that is up to two inches thick.

        It features a dust port to remove dust from the workspace.


        The center plate doesn’t sit flush with the table.

        The tension lever isn’t very durable and can break after blade changes.

Dremel MS20-01 Moto-Saw Variable Speed Compact Scroll Saw Kit

This powerful scroll saw is a great option for users who want to be able to take their saw on the go to use as a coping saw or use it as a scroll saw. Thanks to the clamp base, it will attach quickly and easily to a number of different surfaces.


        It offers variable speed control so that it can be used on a wide variety of different materials.

        The fast-clamp base attaches easily to different tables and surfaces.

        The dust port adapter keeps the work area clean.

        It can be used as a handheld tool.

        It cuts wood, laminates, plastic, metal, and PVC.


        It doesn’t do a great job cutting on metal.

        The blade tends to pull to the left even when recently changed.

I think that the WEN 3920 16-Inch Two-Direction Variable Speed Scroll Saw is the best scroll saw out of these five, although all of them are a great option for home use. This scroll saw can accept blades in two directions, allowing it to be used in many different ways. Because it can handle angled cuts and bevel, it’s a very useful tool. Additionally, I like that it ships with a foot lock clamp, flex light, air pump, cast iron base, and three blades so that you can start using it right away without a lot of setup or delay.

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