Best Portable Propane Generator

Are you looking for the best portable propane generator?

In this article I have reviewed the most popular models on the market today and after reading this article you will know which one is  best for your needs.

Check out the quick list below for price and customer reviews for the best portable propane generator picks. Or read on for the full reviews:

  1.  Westinghouse  WGen7500DF Dual Fuel Portable Generator 
  2.  Sportsman GEN4000LP 3250 Propane Portable Generator
  3.  Sportsman GEN4000DF Portable Generator
  4.  Champion 3500 Watt Dual Fuel Ready Portable Generator
  5.  Rockpals 12,000 Watt Electric Start Dual Fuel Portable Generator

Whether you are preparing for a short term power outage or a full grid down emergency, a powerful and reliable generator is a must.

With the right generator you can power necessary household appliances or even power your RV and camper.

I’ve used many generators over the years and I recommend everyone have one ready to go when the lights go dark.

There are a few things to consider when comparing propane generators so that you can get the best one for your needs. 

The first is the power outage, measured in watts, that the generator will output. 

It’s important to have a general idea of how much wattage you need to run your desired appliances so that you can ensure that your generator can both start and run your appliances.

I recommend that buyers also consider the run time and fuel efficiency of their new generator. 

Portable propane generators don’t vary too much in their run times, but there are some that are able to run for longer periods of time without you having to change the propane cylinder. 

Even a few hours can make a difference and decrease the chance of you having to get up in the middle of the night to change the propane cylinder or make a fuel run.

It’s also important to consider how portable your new generator really is. 

I find that some generators carry the label of being “portable,” but they are so heavy that they are almost impossible to move. 

Large, high-quality wheels may help to offset their weight and make them easier to move, but it’s important to consider how much you can easily lift and move the generator on your own.

Portable Propane Generator Advantages

When you use a portable propane generator, not only will you not have to worry about power outages at your home anymore, you will find that running propane is a great alternative to gas.

If you opt for smaller propane cylinders when powering your generator, then you can easily take your generator and cylinders on the road with you. 

This is great if you are going to be going to a construction site, camping, RV’ing, or if you are in a bug out scenario.

Features to Look for

One feature I strongly recommend is an easy start button so that you don’t have to struggle with turning your generator on. 

This is especially useful when you are in the midst of a bad storm and don’t want to be outside with your generator for a long period of time.

Also make sure that you take into consideration the amount of soundproofing material used on the generator. 

Even though these need to be set up outside of your home, you don’t want to have to deal with a generator that is uncomfortably loud anywhere near your house.

Finally, consider the type of outlets included on the generator. 

You want to make sure that you will have plenty of options for plugging in your appliances.

How to Use Your Propane Generator

Safely using your generator is a must.

Make sure that when you set up your generator that it is far enough away from the home that if there is a leak or other problem, your family will be safe. 

Remember though, it needs to be close enough that you can easily access it.

You need to make sure that you do not backfeed your generator by plugging it into the wall of your home, as this is very dangerous. 

This can actually send electrical power beyond your home and onto the grid, which could severely injure a utility worker.

Remember that your generator will be louder as you increase the load on it, so the more appliances that you have plugged into it, the louder it will be.


A common concern I hear from would be propane generator users is fear over toxicity. 

While this is a very valid concern, it’s important to remember that since propane is odorless, a special odorant is usually added so that you can smell it if you have a problem. 

If you notice a foul odor that persists after starting your generator or hear a hissing noise, then you need to make sure that you don’t have a leak. 

Using high-quality cylinders and being aware of their condition will keep this concern from becoming a reality.

Portable Propane Generators

Enjoy a push button electric start so that you never have to worry about whether or not you will be able to get your generator running in an emergency situation. The engine can run for hours without lagging and is very easy to maintain from year to year. Excellent portable generator.


        8550 peak watts

        Remote key fob to make starting it fast and easy

        Includes all accessories you need to start your new generator right away

        Powerful engine is designed to work for long periods of time without problems

        Backed up 3-year warranty

        CSA, EPA, and CARB compliant


        Can be difficult to get assistance from the customer service department

        Weighs 194 pounds, but has quality wheels

With this small but powerful propane generator, you will easily be able to power small household appliances without problems. The engine is less than 68 Db when running, which means that you don’t have to worry about noise pollution with this generator. This is an excellent choice if you plan to take your generator on the road.


        Great lower price option

        3250 watt continuous power

        10 hour run time with 50% load

        Features shut-off safety value

        Includes 12V DC outlet and two 120V AC outlets for charging batteries

        Approved by the EPA

        Includes propane regulator and fuel hose

        Is very quiet when in operation


        Propane tank is not included

While this generator only weighs 90 pounds, it offers plenty of power so that you don’t have to worry about whether or not you will have the electricity that you want when you are experiencing an outage. The generator is very easy to hook up and is perfect for taking with you on a camping trip due to its small size and power. Another great option to take on away from home.


        4,000 Watts rated

        Features 4-120V outlets, 1-12V DC outlet, and 1-120V RV outlet

        Can operate on both propane and gasoline

        Runs for 10 hours on 50% load

        Rated at less than 69 Db

        1-year limited warranty included

        Very quiet when running on propane


        Can’t be converted to run on natural gas

        Muffler bracket is not very durable

        Oil drain bolt can become stuck and is difficult to remove

Enjoy incredible power from this generator without making a lot of noise, as it is as quiet as a typical vacuum. Thanks to the Intelligauge and built-in Volt Guard, you can easily monitor how your generator is working and protect it from power surges. Good home generator choice.


        3150 running watts on propane, offering you plenty of power

        Built-in surge protector will prevent overloads from damaging your appliances

        Rely on the gauge to help you keep track of run-time, hertz, and voltage

        Intelligauge also makes it easy to track when you need maintenance

        Offers 3-year limited warranty

        Includes 2 120V 20A outlets, 1 120V 30A RV outlet, and 1 120V 30A locking outlet


        Poor frame welding 

This is an incredibly powerful portable generator that is surprisingly quiet given the amount of electricity that it creates. The electric start is easy to use and prevents problems starting the generator in an emergency situation. This is a beast and my top recommendation if you need a generator primarily to power your home.


        8100W of power when running on propane

        Switch seamlessly between gas and propane, if desired

        Weather-proof covered outlets won’t be damaged in the rain

        Has five outlets to choose from

        Improved noise insulation system reduces the sound of this generator when it is in operation

        Offers up to 20 hours of run time on propane

        Includes 2-year warranty


        Sharp plastic edges to watch out for

The Rockpals 12,000 Watt is by far the best portable propane generator on the market today in terms of power, durability, and reliability. This can cover your power needs and allow you to rest easy knowing that when the power goes out, you won’t be left in the dark.


With that in mind, the other generators on my list are nothing to sneeze at. Whichever portable propane generator you pick will serve you well. Let me know in the comments below which one you chose.

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