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Last Updated on September 1, 2020

Are you searching for the best chipper shredder?

I’ve owned a few chipper shedders and when I went with a cheap model I was disappointed with the performance and durability. With that in mind I have reviewed the most popular models available on today’s market and after reading this article you will know my recommendations.

Check the quick list below for links to customer reviews and prices for my best chipper shredder picks, or read on for the full review:

  1. GreatCircle 7HP Heavy Duty Chipper Shredder
  2. Patriot Products 10 HP Chipper Shredder
  3. Landworks Super Heavy Duty 7 HP Chipper Shredder
  4. Earthquake TAZZ Heavy Duty 212cc Viper Chipper Shredder
  5. YARDMAX 6.5 HP Chipper Shredder

Piles of leaves and branches lying around your property raise a huge risk of causing harm either to you or your property. From blocking paths to polluting water, green waste gives all the reasons why it should be eliminated. That’s where a chipper shredder comes in, offering an efficient way to get it done.

Selecting the Best Chipper Shredder

To save yourself time, effort and money. Imagine having your yard filled with branches, twigs, and leaves that need constant clearing and handling to maintain a clean, healthy surrounding. What if you were to do all the work of collecting, chipping and shredding manually? I broke a sweat just picturing it! Not to mention the time it would take.

But with a chipper shredder, you can get rid of tons of debris in very little time, where branches and leaves basically go in from one end to come out as chips and shreds from the other.

As a bonus, you get your own source of pure, organic mulch or fertilizer that you can use in gardening.

Features to Look For

Horsepower (HP)

This gives you an idea of the engine’s power. A higher horsepower engine means a more powerful one which corresponds to a bigger sized one.

Chipper Feed Capacity

It helps you understand how much debris the machine can handle. The capacity is measured according to the diameter of the largest branch the chipper can take on.

I advise choosing a chipper with a not-so-limited feed capacity as it can be problematic in the future if your needs evolve. You’ll also be saving money in the long run, I know I did!

Reduction Ratio

Simply, think of it as how many bags go in vs how many bags come out. A 10:1 ratio means that for every 10 bags you feed the machine, one bag of processed material comes out. The higher the reduction ratio, the more efficiency you get. 

Number of Blades

A larger number of blades equals more running time without having to resharpen or replace them.


Make sure you ask for a warranty certificate to confirm the product’s quality and to repair or even replace your machine in case you need it.

Chipper Shredder Types

To choose a chipper shredder that will better suit your needs, two important factors are the size of your landscape and the type of yard debris you have.

Electric Powered Chipper Shredders

These are less powerful and low-maintenance, intended for light-duty work where the capacity is much more limited and the debris are fed in a slower manner. They require extension cords which narrows down your workspace. On the plus side, they are smaller, easier to transport and more eco-friendly.

Gas Powered Chipper Shredders

As machines that are intended for heavy-duty, they pack super powerful engines to enable them to handle all branch sizes and hefty loads of feed at a rather quick pace.

Although they are harder to maneuver and rank higher on the price chart, they are the standard choice for most buyers.


Who wouldn’t love a little something extra to help facilitate their life? Well, there are some things that can do just that in a chipper shredder and will do you good if you include them in your consideration.

  • To fire up a gas powered engine easier, use an electric starter.
  • To pick up leaves and grass into the shredder system, a tilt-down hopper proves most beneficial.
  • To delay maintenance as long as possible, self-sharpening blades should do the trick.

Are Chipper Shredders Safe?

Generally, the process of using a chipper shredder is clear. However, don’t take that for granted and carefully read the manual provided with your specific model to fully grasp the operating ins and outs.

Typically gas chippers, being the more powerful, generate more noise than electric ones. While not continuous, it’s still considered pretty high even if it doesn’t bother you or you just let it slide. This can damage your hearing, so I strongly recommend investing in some noise canceling headphones or earplugs. Personally, I regret not using them right from the start.

You also need to pay attention to your work attire. Keep your eyes protected and make sure you put on safety goggles. You’ll also need to stay away from any baggy clothes or loose accessories and cords while in action, you don’t want anything to get caught in the shredder possibly causing an injury.

Top Rated Chipper Shredders

After extensive research, comparisons, and evaluation, here is a list of the best chipper shredders available on the market. I’ve reviewed the top options for performance, quality of construction, and durability.

GreatCircle 7HP Heavy Duty Chipper Shredder

Carrying a solid 7 horsepower 212cc engine, the Great Circle chipper shredder delivers an impressive force to help you get those branches up to 3” in diameter. The 3-way loading mechanism divides up the work pile for you. The main hopper is best for sizeable loading, the side chute is suitable for smaller twigs and limbs and the back vacuum collects leaves for shredding. Along with 3 years of warranty, this is a solid choice if you can get over the packaging issues


  • powerful 7 horsepower engine
  • Multi-Functioning capability with a 3 in 1 chipper design.
  • Engine safety, EPA3/CARB certified
  • 15:1 reduction ability
  • 3-year warranty


  • Shipping and packaging complaints, currently with claims of improvement
  • Gives off lots of dust upon usage
  • Poor handling for wet feed
  • Questionable quality of collection bag material, twigs may poke holes through

Patriot Products 10 HP Chipper Shredder

The sturdy dependable chipper shredder holds a mighty 10 horsepower massive engine that gives you constant top-notch performance. Ideal for large property owners, it’s able to handle branches up to 3” wide easily with a reduction ratio of 8:1 and weight of 139 lbs. The unique direct drive system ensures minimum replacement and maintenance requirements while its patent chipping knives gives you wood slices instead of regular chops.


  • 10 horsepower Briggs & Stratton engine
  • Reversible blades to double the life span
  • Side discharge allows working in the same area without having to move
  • Sound muffler to reduce noise
  • Oil sensor


  • Narrow width connection between hopper and shredder resulting in clogs
  • Blades have a limited life span when dealing with large branches

Landworks Super Heavy Duty 7 HP Chipper Shredder

Bearing a forceful engine, the Landworks chipper shredder is no joke. Paired with its ability to reduce all sorts of debris into 1/15 of its original size, it saves you time when it comes to the feeding process. The largest chute is perfect for volume processing, the smaller side inlet handles up to 3” wide branches and the vacuum gathers leaves on your behalf. One downside is that you are gonna have to stop every 15 minutes or so to clear and re-attach the collection bag. If that’s a concern of yours, then I recommend purchasing a bigger bag to save yourself the trouble.


  • Tough 7 horsepower engine
  • A reduction ratio of 15:1
  • Triple purpose supply structure
  • Warranty of 3 years


  • Startup is on the rough side, needs additional warming up to get it running
  • Poor quality control and inspection
  • Assembly complications
  • Durability is an issue
  • Small collection bag, requires numerous emptying times

Earthquake TAZZ Heavy Duty 212cc Viper Chipper Shredder

Sleek and handy, the Earthquake TAZZ chipper shredder swoops in bearing a powerful 212cc Viper engine. Its reduction capability of 20:1 translates into extremely durable and sharp blades guaranteed to never fail you. In addition, the zipper debris bag saves you a ton of hassle when it comes to collecting and dumping out produced mulch, deeming it mess-free. And finally, with a 5-year warranty to back it up, you know you’re dealing with one reliable machine.


  • Portable, compact design takes up just the right amount of storage space
  • Ready to roll, 11” wheels that will never go flat
  • 20:1 reduction ratio
  • “Bottom-Out” zipper debris bag for effortless emptying
  • 5-year warranty


  • Cone is inconvenient for curved branches, may need to break a branch or two
  • Awkwardly-placed on/off switch

YARDMAX 6.5 HP Chipper Shredder

With a 6.5 horsepower Briggs & Stratton engine, the YARDMAX chipper shredder shows a fair amount of power that drives its blades. The fact that it’s quite easy to operate is due to its self-feeding feature which basically lets you drop heaps of feed into its hopper without the need for prepping, while the machine sets its own pace. This makes it an awesome choice if you’re looking for something more suitable for home use. Add a 3” feed capacity to the mix, and we’ve got ourselves a pretty solid option.


  • Self-feeding chute
  • Pneumatic wheels and a stand for high maneuverability
  • Low fuel consumption
  • Simple to work on and clean


  • Slower processing
  • Not fit for heavy-duty work
  • No safety guard on the muffler, be cautious to avoid burns

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To me, it all comes down to versatility and reliability. When I’m looking to invest in a product, I want to be able to get the most use out of it. I need to know that I’m prepared to deal with the whole spectrum of debris sizes and forms. That’s why the Earthquake TAZZ 30520 chipper shredder is the winner in my book. It lines up with all the crucial features, from its tremendous reduction ratio, hefty engine, and resilient blades all the way to the convenient and time-saving perks. And knowing that I have a 5-year warranty period to count on, well, it’s the perfect cherry on top.

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