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Last Updated on September 1, 2020

Are you searching for the best slider casement air conditioner?

Keeping cool when you have slider casement windows requires a specialized vertical AC unit and I have tried many over the years looking for the best performance and price. I have reviewed the top sliding casement window air conditioners and after reading this article you will know my recommendations.

Check the quick list below for links to customer reviews and prices for my best slider casement air conditioner picks, or read on for the full review:

  1. Frigidaire 10000 BTU 115-volt Slider/Casement Room Air Conditioner
  2. Frigidaire 8000 BTU Heavy Duty Slider Casement Window Air Conditioner
  3. PerfectAire 10,000 BTU Window Air Conditioner
  4. Frigidaire 8000 BTU 115V Slider Casement Room Air Conditioner
  5. Koldfront 8000 BTU 115V Casement Air Conditioner with Dehumidifier

If you have sliding casement windows at your home and need to cool down your home quickly, then you need to make sure that you have an air conditioner that will work with your windows and provide you with the cool air you want. The best slider casement air conditioner will help keep you and your family cool, but first you have to know which one to select for your home.

Selecting the Best Slider Casement Air Conditioner

The most important thing to remember when choosing a slider casement air conditioner is that you want one that will fit in your type of window. It’s really common for homeowners to accidentally buy the wrong type of air conditioner because they purchase one for a window that shuts from the top to the bottom.

Once you know that you are looking at the right type of air conditioner, you need to consider the size of the room that you want to cool. It’s better to opt for a unit that is sized too large for your space, as you can easily turn it down. Choosing an air conditioner that is too small, however, can have problems.

When you opt for a unit that is too small for your space, then it will have to run all of the time to provide you with the cool air that you want. This is not only going to greatly raise your power bill, but can also shorten the life of the unit.

Remember that air conditioners that have higher BTUs will be able to cool larger areas without a lot of problems. They are going to have much more power than units with lower BTUs do.

Benefits of a Having Great Casement Air Conditioner

There are a number of reasons why a homeowner may want to use a window air conditioner in their home. The first is that they are generally relatively inexpensive not only to buy, but also to operate. If you only need to cool a certain area of your home, then using this air conditioner is going to be much more affordable than running a whole-house air conditioner.

Additionally, they are generally easy to install, don’t take up space on the floor, such as a fan does, and are perfect for when you need additional cooling in your home. If you already have a whole-house air conditioner, but notice that it struggles to cool a certain area of your home, then a window unit may be your best answer.

Features to Look For

If you suffer from allergies, then I strongly recommend that you look for a window air conditioner that has a filter that you can not only wash out to clean it regularly, but also that you can easily access it. Some air conditioners have filters that are located in a spot that requires users to remove the unit from the window to clean the filter.

Another great feature that I love is when these units come with remote controls. Being able to adjust the fan and temperature settings from across the room really makes it easy to ensure that you and your family will stay cool during hot summer days. When there is a remote control, then you can easily adjust your air conditioner without moving.

I also really like units that have multiple modes for you to choose from so that you can customize your cooling. Looking for one that offers an “energy saving,” “fan only,” and “cool” mode makes setting the unit to make you as comfortable as possible easier than ever.

How to Use Your New Slider Casement Window AC Unit

The most important thing to remember when using your new air conditioner is that you want to make sure that it is installed correctly so that it is secure and so that hot air won’t be able to enter your home around the unit.

Many units have weather seals that you will want to use to ensure that you have a tight seal. Make sure that your unit is installed according to instructions before operating it.

Precautions for Using a Slider Casement Air Conditioner

One concern that a lot of homeowners have when they use a window air conditioner is whether or not their home will be safe from burglars. This is a common fear, but you can help reduce the risk of someone getting into your home by adding a sliding window lock to your window, using brackets to install the unit, and even installing a window sensor alarm for extra peace of mind.

It’s also important that if you are going to use your new air conditioner on a second floor that you ensure that it is safely and completely supported. While falling air conditioners is a concern that firefighters have to be aware of in an emergency, you also want to make sure that your unit is safe and secure so that you don’t put your family at risk of it falling.

Top Rated Casement Air Conditioner

Investing in a quality slider casement air conditioner can be a great remedy for homeowners with slider vertical windows. After using a number of models over the years I have found that going cheap leads to a AC unit that breaks down far too soon. With this in mind I have reviewed the top models available for performance, quality construction, and durability.

Frigidaire Slider Casement Room Air Conditioner

Homeowners looking for a powerful air conditioner that is not only easy to place in their window, but also easy to control will appreciate this option. With a full-function remote control that makes it easier than ever to control the temperature as well as fan speed of the air conditioner, users will be able to easily customize their comfort. Thanks to the three fan speeds and the four-way direction control, the room won’t ever be cooler. Additionally, it has a mesh filter that is washable and easy to remove and replace.


  • Easily cools rooms up to 450 square feet
  • Features multi-speed electronic controls
  • 10.4 energy efficiency ratio


  • Can sometimes arrive already damaged
  • Electrical control board will fail after a few years of use
  • Can regularly blow a fuse in the house

Frigidaire 8000 BTU Heavy Duty Slider Casement Window Air Conditioner

Even though this unit offers 8,000 BTU of power, it runs on a 115V electrical outlet, making it a great option for homeowners who are in a hurry and want to cool down their home quickly. Thanks to the full-function remote, it’s easier than ever for homeowners to control the temperature of their home as well as the fan speed and direction. It’s designed to be easy to use and is incredibly quiet when operating, which is great for light sleepers.


  • Has a 10.9 energy efficiency ratio
  • Can easily cool a room that is up to 350 square feet
  • Features a full-function remote control for easy use


  • Easily damaged when dropped
  • Doesn’t work after a few years of use
  • Very difficult to install on your own

PerfectAire 10,000 BTU Window Air Conditioner

Rather than worrying about how to close up gaps around the unit once it’s installed in the window, homeowners can simply rely on this option, which makes it easy to keep the window free from gaps and leaks. The electronic controls are incredibly easy to use, which means that users can get their home at a comfortable temperature without difficulty.


  • Great for cooling areas that are between 400 and 450 square feet
  • Features three speeds in both fan and cool modes
  • Tilt-out air filter is perfect for easy access and cleaning


  • Tends to make a loud rattling noise when in operation
  • Doesn’t always ship with all necessary components
  • Easily dents during shipment and installation

Frigidaire 8000 BTU 115V Slider Casement Room Air Conditioner

One thing that really sets this unit apart from others on the market is how easily users can access the mesh filter. Since it’s washable, it’s fast and easy to keep it clean and decrease the possibility and problem of lots of bacteria and odors in the room. Additionally, this is a very quiet unit that won’t keep people up at night.


  • Can cool rooms that are up to 350 square feet
  • Easy electronic controls can be set with the touch of a button
  • Features remote control for perfect temperature and fan speed


  • Some parts ship already damaged, making window installation impossible
  • Easily damaged during installation
  • Can be difficult for the average homeowner to install

Koldfront 8000 BTU Casement Air Conditioner with Dehumidifier

This is a great air conditioner for any casement windows that slide left to right. The included remote control has a 16 foot range, which makes it easy for users to control the temperature and fan speed of their air conditioner without having to get up and walk across the room. Because it plugs into a 115V outlet, it’s fairly fast and easy to set up.


  • Can easily cool rooms that are 300 to 350 square feet
  • Digital display makes it easy to check and change settings
  • 11.0 energy efficiency ratio, and is Energy Star rated


  • Doesn’t always do a great job cooling rooms
  • Can be difficult to install
  • Weather seals can be hard to connect correctly to the unit

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As you can see, a great sliding casement air conditioner is a wonderful way to cool your home and prevent high electricity bills during hot summer months. Out of these five options, the one that I wholeheartedly recommend is the Frigidaire FFRS1022R1. Frigidaire is known for producing the highest quality window AC units on the market, and this is no exception. I love that it has 10,000 BTUs of power and that it comes with a powerful remote for easy control. Not only that, but you can easily clean the filter and keep an eye on your temperature, thanks to the large display.

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