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Last Updated on September 1, 2020

Are you searching for the best solar shed light?

I’ve converted much of my home to solar power and that includes the lights on all my out buildings, including my storage sheds. I’ve reviewed the top models available and after reading this article you will know my recommendations.

Check the quick list below for links to customer reviews and prices for my best solar shed light picks, or read on for the full review:

  1. Solar LED Shed and Barn Light with Remote Control
  2. Sunforce LED Triple Head Solar Motion Light
  3. Westinghouse Solar Shed Lights
  4. Costech Solar Lights Motion Sensor
  5. Roxy G2 Solar Outdoor and Indoor Lighting Kit

Looking for a way to light up your shed, garage or driveway? Solar light systems are gaining popularity in today’s market due to the various benefits they offer at relatively low prices.

Choosing the right light can be overwhelming. Considering that they all look similar. Throughout this guide, we will help you find the Best Solar Shed Light.

How Do Solar Shed Lights Work?

The system consists of a solar panel connected to a lamp through a cable. The solar panel collects sunlight converting it into electricity. This recharges batteries that feed the lamp.

Keep in mind that most of these lights are of limited utility. Regular AA batteries power them, so they are similar to flashlights. You can’t rely on them if you want to light a place for long periods of time.

Check my full write up on how a solar power system works.

Solar Shed Light Benefits

Main reasons solar lights are preferred over conventional electrical ones:

  • Clean. It doesn’t pollute the environment.
  • Cheap. Self-sufficient.
  • Easy to install. It doesn’t require electricians.
  • Minimal maintenance.

What to Look For

Although they might seem quite similar, there are key differences between the features of these solar light devices. You should consider various factors to get the product that suits your needs. I’ve listed them below.

Determine Your Needs

The requirements of a device used to light an open outdoor place as a driveway or home entrance are different from those needed to light a shed with a workbench for example.

You have to keep that in mind while exploring products. Are you looking for something that lights up temporarily? Or rather a constant source of light?

Also, consider purchasing several units if you intend to cover a large area.

Operation Mode

Most of the solar light systems come with motion detection sensors. They require minimal effort to operate and save energy as well. The light will illuminate automatically when it senses your motion in the desired range. This sensor is beneficial in case of having pets.

Other purposes like working in your shed or emergency lighting might need constant light. Limited-time sensory light won’t suffice in such situations. In this case, you should look for a solar light device with a manual on/off switch instead. 

Note that some products have dual operation modes; manual and motion sensing.

Number of LEDs

Obviously, LEDs help in illumination. More LEDs equals brighter light. Do not overlook this feature if brightness is a priority for you.


The ordinary way of measuring light using watts is now outdated. Watts measure power and energy consumed, which might be irrelevant to customers. That’s why people are using Lumens now. A lumen is a unit to measure light output and brightness. The greater the number of lumens, the better. 

How to Install

You basically mount the solar panel on top of your roof or using a bracket. Then, connect it to the light using the cable. In the desired place, set up the lamp and you’re good to go.

How Long Do Solar Shed Lights Operate Per Day?

Starting from a maximum of 1 hour up to 3 hours. Some devices claim to stay all night on a medium or low light setting. This is not recommended though, as it reduces battery life.

How Long Do Solar Shed Light Systems Last?

This is highly dependent on the product. If you purchase a good product and take good care of it through regular cleaning and maintenance. It might last for 2 or 3 years. Weather conditions play a major role here.

Best Solar Shed Lights

Setting up your solar shed lights can be fairly easy when you prepare by getting the right model for your needs. This includes knowing where you will install your solar powered shed lights and exactly how many lights you will need. With that in mind, here are my picks for the best solar shed lights. I have reviewed them for performance, quality of construction, and durability.

Solar LED Shed and Barn Light with Remote Control

This is a sturdy lighting device made of aluminum alloy and toughened glass. It needs a little amount of sunlight to recharge. The only part that needs to be placed in direct sunlight is the solar panel, which is connected to the light with a 12 ft cable. This comes short when you need to place them separately.

Unlike most shed lights, this one doesn’t have motion sensors to light up automatically. Instead, it comes with an IR remote control that you can use to turn it on & off as needed. The range of the remote control is about 10 ft. There is a button on the device itself if you don’t want to use the remote control.

Its installation is straightforward despite the minimal instructions provided. You can dim or intensify the light, and adjust the timer to leave the light on for extra 3 or 5 hours.


  • Comes with a remote control
  • Extremely bright light


  • Expensive compared to other options
  • ‘How to Use’ Instructions are vague & confusing
  • No motion sensors
  • Short cable length

Sunforce LED Triple Head Solar Motion Light

This one is among my favorites! Featuring 120 LEDs, 3 easy rechargeable AA batteries and a 15 ft. cable, which makes it flexible to set up anywhere.

It can be set manually (on/off) or by motion detector (auto). The longest duration in the auto mode is 120 seconds. In case of manual mode, it stays up for about an hour. It doesn’t have the greatest sensor, but it works well in an average range of about 30 ft.

This product scores highly in weather tolerance, so it is safe to use in rainy areas. Thanks to its adjustable side lamps, it has a range of 180 degrees and illuminates a relatively large area, making it the most convenient option for driveways.


  • Relatively bright light
  • Adjustable side lights
  • Good weather resistance


  • It has only 3-time options
  • Solar panel is set to a steep angle

Westinghouse Solar Shed Lights

I’ve mentioned adjustable side lights before, but did I mention adjustable solar panels?

The Westinghouse Solar light has a 180 degree rotating amorphous solar panel, designed to help you get maximum sun exposure.

Like most devices, it has a motion sensor with a 39 ft. detection range. It can be turned on manually and its body is made of aluminum and plastic.

Although I love the rotating solar panel, the lamp itself is fixed. Making it not flexible. It’s worth mentioning that it casts very bright light compared to its small size.


  • Rotating solar panel
  • Relatively cheap
  • Easy to set up


  • No adjustable lamps
  • Long shipping time

Costech Solar Lights Motion Sensor

If you’re a fan of extra bright sparkling light, this might get your attention. The Costech Solar Light features 182 LEDs granting you brightest light possible!

The device is easy to install and comes with 5 AA replaceable batteries. It claims to be weather resistant, however, when placed in a rainy place it might stop working properly.

An interesting feature in this light is its timer. You adjust the time dial to set the duration for which the light will stay illuminated after motion is detected. Its maximum motion detection range is 32.8 ft. It stays on for up to 180 seconds. You have to rotate the time dial to extend illumination time, which is quite irritating.


  • Large solar panel
  • Lamp & sensor heads are adjustable
  • Controllable sensitivity & working time


  • Poor water resistance
  • Made of ABS plastic. Not durable

Roxy G2 Solar Outdoor and Indoor Lighting Kit

This option looks primitive, yet it’s efficient and reliable. It’s made of a mix of ABS plastic & aluminum, which is not the most durable. But it works well.

It comes with a photosensor, so it illuminates automatically when it senses darkness. The downfall is that the sensor is attached to the solar panel, not the light. So, if you place the solar panel outdoors and the light inside a dark shed, the light will not illuminate until its dark outside. Defying the whole purpose of the device!

That’s why we recommend it for outdoor use; for lighting up house entrances, yards or pools. It would help as emergency lighting indoors as well.

It has 3 light settings. The battery will last all night as the manufacturers claim if you adjust it on medium lighting level. One of the pitfalls is that the battery is not accessible and hence, irreplaceable. Overall, it offers great advantages compared to its price. If you’re looking for something to use outdoors, I advise you to go with this.


  • Cheapest option
  • Long lasting battery
  • Good material for a modest price


  • Bubbles on the surface cast shadows
  • Batteries are irreplaceable
  • No motion sensor
  • Switch button is tiny

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If you reached this point of the article and you decided to invest in a solar shed light, you’ve made the right decision. Ensuring your safety at a reduced cost and without harming the environment is a smart move. I salute to you!

If it were up to me, I’d pick the Sunforce 82123 Triple Head Solar Motion Light. It’s the whole package; wholesome lights, water resistant, a wide coverage range at a reasonable price. Compared to other options, it has a longer cable, adjustable lights, and durable construction. It operates at manual and auto modes as well. This makes it an overall winner of the roundup for me. 

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