Best RV Solar Kit

In this article we have reviewed and picked the best RV solar panels on the market today. 

When you take the time necessary to outfit your RV with solar panels, you can enjoy free power when you are on the road. Rather than trying to buy all of the components that you need separately, I find that getting the best RV solar kit is a much faster and easier way to meet your goals.

Check out the quick list for my picks if you are in a hurry, or read on for my full review. Just click on the links for price and customer reviews.

  1.  Go Power! Solar Elite Complete Solar Inverter System 320 Watt Solar Kit
  2.  Go Power! Solar Elite Complete Solar Inverter System 480 Watt Solar Kit
  3.  Go Power! GP RV 10 Watt Solar Kit
  4.  Eco Worthy 10 Watt Portable Solar Kit 

To get the most use out of your solar kit for your RV, you need to make sure that you choose the right kit for your needs. Since each kit is different and will be different sizes, have different components, and offer different features, this can be overwhelming. 

I find that it’s important to take into consideration how much energy you use on a typical basis so you can size your new RV solar kit to meet your needs. 

You will also need to consider whether or not you will want to change the size of your system in the future. If you think that you will want to reduce or expand your system at a later time, then you will want to consider a modular approach. 

This will allow you to make desired changes easily. 

Benefits of Using a Solar Kit for Your RV

If you want to enjoy all of the benefits that come from using solar panels on your RV, but don’t want to have to buy all of the parts and components on your own, then it’s a good idea to buy a solar kit designed specifically for use on RVs. 

I knew that when I installed my solar panels that I wanted the installation to be fast and easy and also for my new setup to be reliable and let me have all of the power that I needed on a daily basis, which is why I went with a kit.

Of course, the more power that you need, the more money you are going to spend on your kit, but you can sometimes save money by purchasing a kit instead of buying all of the individual components yourself. 

A great kit will come with all of the components and parts that you need to set up your new panels and start enjoying solar energy.

What to Look for When Shopping

After you have completed an energy audit to determine how much energy you must create for your RV to operate efficiently and without using fossil fuels, you can then choose your panels, as well as your charging system. 

Since solar panels vary so widely in terms of efficiency and quality, it’s important that you know how much energy you need and you can compare that with what cells are able to create.

Not only will you want to consider the wattage of available solar panels included in the kits you are considering, but also their efficiency. 

I find that checking the charging capacity, which will be listed in amps of each panel, is a good way to tell which panel will best meet your needs.

Finally, depending on the amount of space that you have on your RV to store your batteries, inverter, and panels, you will be able to narrow down the available kits to the one that will best meet your needs. 

It can be tricky to determine what kind of space you need to have for all of your parts and components. 

I know that this can be difficult to tell the first time you set up a solar panel system, but it is important to consider the space you have before making a purchase.

Is it Difficult Installing an RV Solar Panel Kit?

The short answer is no.

Using the kit that you bought to install solar power in your RV is rather simple, but you do need to be able to follow directions (if you’re like me this can be an issue at times). 


Make sure that you prepare for installation by gathering all of the tools that you will need, as well as any frames or braces that will be necessary to support your panels. 


You will need to be sure that you are protected against the possibility of electric shock with gloves and goggles.


Your first step is to disconnect your RV batteries and mark where you are going to install your panels. 


Next, install the control box where you can easily reach it, but where it will be away from heating devices. 


At this point, you can assemble your frames, install your panels, and then place your batteries and connect them to the control box.

What You Need to Know Before Using an RV Solar Kit

The most important thing to know about using a kit to set up solar power at your RV, is that you need to choose the best components that you can while still staying within your budget. 

You need to make sure that you choose a quality inverter, high-quality batteries, and a reliable charge controller. 

I think that it’s important to consider the benefits of all the components in a kit for the best results.

Best RV Solar Kit

While this solar power kit offers plenty of power for when you want to get off of the grid in your RV, this kit is not the easiest to install. Many people have reported that it’s a good idea to hire an expert to complete the installation rather than attempting it on your own, but this does add to the overall cost of your solar panel system. But if you have electrical experience or are not opposed to learning it is quite doable. To make sure that you have enough wire for installation you need to order a bit extra.


        Includes all of the mounting hardware that you need to set up this kit

        Includes charging kit, as well as expansion kit

        Hybrid charger has 50 amp capabilities

        Power boosting allows for running larger loads on small generators


        Included cable isn’t long enough

        Installation can be a little daunting

        It’s necessary to upgrade batteries for the best use of this kit

Not only does this kit include everything that you need to get started with solar power on your RV, but it offers plenty of wire, a quality smart battery charger, and a reliable 30 amp transfer switch. This switch is necessary to prevent feedback when the inverter is directly attached to the AC system of your RV. You can use the remote to quickly turn your inverter on or off, and also to check the power output, battery voltage, and status of your inverter.


        Perfect for long-term use

        Includes everything that you need to set up this kit and attach it to your battery

        Contains 3 x 160 watt solar modules

        Has a 75 amp smart battery charger

        The 3000 watt inverter is great for powering more sensitive appliances such as TVs


        Doesn’t offer enough power when using the inverter

        The included wires are too thin to properly deliver a charge to the controller

Even when you are faced with overcast weather you can easily get a charge with this powerful solar power kit. Due to its small size and low weight, it’s a great option to keep in your RV to keep your batteries fully charged so that they don’t die when they are not in use. Unlike other kits, it doesn’t come with multiple components and isn’t powerful enough to offer all of the energy that you need to power appliances.


        Produces 600 milliamps of charge each hour

        Doesn’t require a regulator

        Mounting hardware and wiring is included

        Perfect for topping off batteries in storage

        Won’t allow your batteries to die when they are not in use

        At under five pounds, you can easily move the solar panel around to capture the sun


        Not ideal for larger demands

        Doesn’t produce enough energy to power appliances in your RV

        Very small

Rather than buying a solar power kit that has to be hardwired into your RV, which can be difficult and expensive, this kit allows you to gather power from the sun during the day and then power your smaller appliances at night. The portable generator is small enough for you to take it with you, no matter if you are in your RV or head out for a camping trip at night, and the long solar cable ensures that you can always set up your panel in a sunny spot.


        Has multiple outputs for you to choose from when using this kit

        Very compact and can be taken with you on the road

        Installation is fast and easy and involves just connecting the cables

        It’s easy to charge the battery during the day and then use it for power at night

        Doesn’t need to be hardwired into your RV

        Includes five rechargeable batteries


        Doesn’t store enough power to run larger appliances

I think that if you are going to be buying your first RV solar kit, then it’s important to choose one that offers plenty of power and is easy for you to quickly set up and start using. Rather than taking the time to hardwire the kit into your RV, which can be expensive, and overwhelming, I recommend using the ECO-WORTHY 10 Watt Portable Solar Generator Kit. It’s incredibly easy to set up and to use and will give you the boost of confidence that you need when getting started with solar power. While it doesn’t offer as much power as some of the other options on this list, it is affordable and easy to use.

If you are ready for a solar kit that can handle all your power needs, I recommend you go with the Go Power! Solar Extreme 480 Watt system. This is a great all in one solar system that will keep you powered and stress free.

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