How to Hide a Trail Cam for Home Security

Last Updated on September 1, 2020

A trail camera can be added to your home security system to increase the coverage of your home and property.

Trail cams can be best used as an unseen security measure for parts of your property not covered by a standard (and often visible) security camera system.

In this article you will learn how to utilize a trail camera for home security.

For specific trail camera recommendations go to the article for the best trail camera.

Where to Set Your Trail Camera

Because trail cameras are designed to capture video and images at angles, trail cams are ideal for placing at high positions that are out of site of would be intruders. Consider locations on your property that provide above eye sight positioning.

  • Position trail cameras at all potential entrance points to your property
  • Trees and other elevated locations are ideal
  • Positions not in direct light should be covered with trail cams
  • If you have wireless trail cams they can positioned anywhere, if you opt for a wired camera you must consider proximity to a power source. Not ideal
  • Always test the images captured after positioning to ensure proper coverage

Trail Cam Tech and Features to Consider

Trail cameras come in a wide variety of performance levels and offered features. Knowing your property’s specific needs must be considered prior to selecting your trail cameras. The primary features to consider are motion detection quality, night vision performance, and camera range.

A trail cam with superior motion detection will ensure that you capture desired images without missing potential intruders. The motion detector sensitivity varies significantly from model to model.

Night vision is a must with a trail camera. Most intruders attempt to enter your property during the late night hours. And while most trail cams offer night vision tech, not all perform at a high enough level. Securing trail cams with high performing night vision is a must.

The trail cams visual range is important to consider to ensure that all potential entry points are covered by your cam system. Leaving large areas without camera coverage provides opportunity for intruders to enter your property undetected.

Here are the high performing trail camera recommendations again.

Trail Camera Benefits for Home Security

Trail cameras provide specific features that are an excellent compliment to your home security system. A total home security system requires that all points of entry are properly monitored and a trail cam is my preferred way to monitor dark and out of the way corners of my property.

Proper placement of trail cameras will ensure that there are no points of entry on your property for intruders to come undetected. Understand the number of trail cams you need and with proper placement no one can enter your home without your knowledge.

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