How Home Security Cameras Work

Last Updated on September 1, 2020

With the performance and relative affordability of security camera systems there is no excuse not to protect your home and property with quality security cameras. Whether you are off to work or the family is tucked into bed, a security camera system will allow you peace of mind knowing your possessions and loved ones are protected from would be intruders.

A fully functional home security systems includes many considerations. From driveway and window alarms to gates and quality locks, the first thing most people think about is a security camera system.

Rightfully so.

A high quality security camera system is an important and effective part of keeping your home protected.

Security Camera Benefits

Security cameras offer a number of features and a wide range of performance levels depending on the particular model. With that in mind, here are some of the primary universal benefits to installing security cameras at your home.

  • Know who comes to your property whether you are home or away
  • Monitor activity inside your home, garage, and other outbuildings
  • Deter opportunist criminals
  • Alert authorities in the case of intruder or fires
  • Depending on locale, lower home insurance rates
  • Peace of mind knowing your home and family have an extra layer of safety in place

Types of Security Cameras Available

There are many security camera models out there offering a wide range of features and with varying performance levels.

Knowing your particular needs must be considered prior to setting up your system to ensure you have appropriate coverage of your home and property. Small apartments will obviously have different security camera needs than the 100 acre farm.

It is important to understand the locations from which intruders can enter your home and property. All of these locations need adequate camera coverage in order to detect all would be intruders.

Cameras come with some features that I recommend to everyone. Night vision is one the most important security camera features to include. While intruders can strike at anytime, the majority are opportunist who tend to attempt to break in or enter your property at night when you and your family are asleep. A high quality night vision security camera will detect and warn you if someone tries to intrude under the cover of night.

Another important feature recommended for all home owners is a security camera equipped with a high quality motion detector. This will ensure that all movement is captured and that no intruders can enter your home and property without the camera capturing it.

One of the biggest mistakes I see individuals make when setting up their home security system is that they do not get enough cameras to cover their entire property.

You must walk your home and property and identify every access point that could be used to get to your home. All of these locations must be completely covered within the range of your camera system or you risk an intruder making it to your home without your knowledge.

Don’t skimp on getting enough cameras to cover all access points.

Wired or Wireless Security Camera?

It used to be that wireless cameras did not offer the clarity and performance I required for my home security system but that is not longer the case.

A high quality wireless security camera system will provide you with the performance needed to keep your home and property safe.

The key is to secure a quality security system though, as there are low performing models out there.

Check the very bottom of this article for links to recommendations on high performing wireless and wired security systems.

This does not mean that wired camera systems are obsolete. Individuals without adequate internet coverage will want to opt for a wired security camera system. And while wireless has advanced tremendously, wireless technology does have a slightly higher failure rate than a wired system of comparable quality. Wired systems can also outperform a wireless camera in picture quality so ultimately the decision between wired and wireless comes down to your particular circumstances and location.

Hidden or Out in the Open?

Camera models that can be hidden from view and models that can be displayed prominently are available.

Hidden models have the benefit of watching your property without others knowing they are being watched. This has it’s place in a security system.

The most obvious benefit to a prominently displayed camera system is that most intruders are opportunists and will be deterred by the presence of cameras.

In my home security camera setup, I have implemented both hidden and visible cameras. Know your local laws regarding hidden camera usage to avoid running afoul of the law.

Security Camera Installation Tips

Most people can safely and properly install their own security cameras, and yes that means you. If you are dead set against doing it yourself then skip this section and call up a technician.

Installation does have some individual model considerations so always be certain to read your manufacturers instructions, but ultimately the most important thing is to ensure secure placement of your cameras that allows a full range view of all access points to your home and property.

Always test your cameras once up and ensure that they are capturing images at the correct angle and that all necessary features such as night vision and motion detection are working perfectly.

Perfection in performance is the name of the game. Take the time necessary to tune in your placement and test, test, test.

When placing cameras that can be seen, it is important to place them out of the easy reach of intruders. Some will attempt to damage your cameras so make it as difficult as possible. But this is another reason for mixing in visible with hidden cameras in your security system.

At this point you are good to go. But remember that you must check the performance of your security system regularly to ensure no issues need to be addressed.

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