Best Wall Safe

Are you searching for the best wall safe to keep documents, jewelry, and valuables in?

I’ve reviewed the top models available and after reading this article you will know my recommendations.

Check out the quick list below for links to customer reviews and prices for my picks, or read on for the full review:

  1.  Protex Electronic Wall Safe
  2.  Protex WES2113-DF Fire Resistant Electronic Wall Safe
  3.  Viking Security Safe Biometric Fingerprint Hidden Wall Safe
  4.  Paragon Lock & Safe 7700 Flat Electronic Wall Safe
  5.  Paragon Lock & Safe 7725 Flat Electronic Wall Safe

Before you go shopping for a new wall safe you need to make sure that you choose one that will fit your needs, which means that you have to take a few things into consideration. 

The first thing to think about is how much room you need from your wall safe. Generally, these are smaller than other safes, but they can vary in size.

You also have to think about the fire rating of your new safe and whether or not it will offer protection from a house fire. 

Wall safes often don’t have as a high a fire rating as other safes do, but I think that it’s a good idea to look for a wall safe that can withstand some heat.

Finally, take into consideration how the safe will open. Safes can have a physical key, a PIN, a combination that needs to be entered on a dial, or even can be opened via a thumbprint. The type of access that you want will quickly help you to narrow down which wall safe is right for you.

Benefits of Having a Quality Wall Safe

Wall safes are great if you want to have items in safekeeping and keep them stored out of sight. As long as you can resist the temptation to show off your new safe to your friends and family members, it’s easy to keep your wall safe a secret. 

When you store your items at eye-level instead of in a safe under the bed, you will likely find that it’s much easier to find what you are looking for. If you struggle to stoop or get onto the floor, then you will likely really enjoy having a wall safe.

How to Best Use Your Wall Safe

Remember that the size of your walls and your wall safe will play a huge roll in how much you can easily store in your new safe. While you can have a professional install a wall safe that is wider than the studs in your walls, this can be expensive and requires professional work. 

It’s best to choose items to store in your wall safe that are small enough that you won’t have to worry about custom work in your home. Coins, guns, jewelry, paperwork, and other small valuables are the best options to put into your wall safe, as they will easily fit and won’t take up too much room.


While wall safes are great for storing a small amount of things, due to their size, they are not the best option for larger collections of jewelry, coins, or even guns. Because it’s fairly easy to cut the wall and remove a wall safe, even when it has been bolted in correctly, it’s not a good idea to store incredibly expensive items inside your wall safe.

Additionally, due to their smaller size and where they are located, I think that it’s important for homeowners to realize that wall safes simply aren’t as safe as traditional safes that are bolted to the floor. Intruders can more easily remove a wall safe and its contents from your home.

Finally, some people simply don’t like wall safes because they don’t work in every home. For a wall safe to be installed correctly, the wall has to be thick enough. This is very important to take into consideration, as the thickness of your wall will determine whether or not you can easily hide your wall safe. 

Prerequisites for Using Your Wall Safe

You first have to make sure that your walls are deep enough and your studs are wide enough to support a wall safe. Once you do, then installing it is fairly easy and straightforward, as long as you don’t have to have any studs cut or moved. 

Make sure that you can locate two studs so that you can easily cut through the drywall between them, exposing where you will put your wall safe. While you can install a wall safe in a plaster wall, it will be messier and will require more cleanup.

The most important thing to remember to do when you’re installing a wall safe is to make sure that you secure the safe by using the supplied or recommended fasteners. This will let you attach the safe to the studs so that it is much more secure and won’t as easily be removed if someone were to find it when they broke into your home.

Best Wall Safe

Protex Electronic Wall Safe

Keeping your valuables close at hand and incredibly secure has never been easier, thanks to how easily you can install this durable and reliable safe. It is easy to open and provides convenient access to your belongings. Thanks to the included flange, you won’t have to re-plaster the walls. It can be opened by a keyed combination or a physical key.


        Features electronic locking system

        Locking system will open door automatically

        Can be installed between 16” wall studs

        Has dual live motorized bolts

        Includes 2 removable shelves

        Provides .44 cubic feet of storage


        Door tends to be loose when locked

Protex WES2113-DF Fire Resistant Electronic Wall Safe

At 47 pounds, this is a heavy and durable safe that is designed to offer you protection against thieves and also against fire. You can easily hang a picture in front of your safe to keep it private and protected, thanks to the flat front and flush keypad. Additionally, the thick wall is designed to prevent thieves from being able to pry open the door.


        Includes an all-velvet inside

        Digital keypad is flush with the front

        Key override has a cover

        Offers 30 minutes of fire protection’

        3/16” solid steel door

        Includes 2 keys


        Doesn’t come with installation instructions

Viking Security Safe Biometric Fingerprint Hidden Wall Safe

Enjoy top-quality protection for your important belongings with this powerful safe that is designed to prevent anyone from gaining access to your stored items unless you have provided them with fingerprint or PIN access. The laser cut design prevents large gaps during construction, which would make the safe easy to crack, and the seamless welding is scratch resistant.


        It’s easy to save up to 32 fingerprints for multiple people to access the save

        Interior is covered in quality carpet

        Built-in LED light makes it easy to see items stored inside

        Warning beep will sound if the door is left unlocked

        PIN code or fingerprint will quickly unlock the door

        Able to retain memory even if batteries are taken out

        Designed with a seamless laser cut


        Very difficult to install on your own

7700 Flat Electronic Wall Safe Large Jewelry Security Paragon Lock and Safe

This electronic wall safe is easy to install in your wall and comes with a 10-year manufacturer warranty, which will give you peace of mind if you run into any problems with your safe. Additionally, because you can open the safe with an electronic PIN or with a physical key, you don’t have to worry about not being able to access the inside.


        Opens with PIN code or one of 2 keys

        Easily to change code an indefinite amount of times

        Takes AA batteries

        Pre-drilled holes make mounting the safe easy

        Includes internal tamper-proof hinges

        Made from 1/8” thick solid steel

        Flat panel design makes it easy to hide the safe


        Can be difficult to get the door to open

7725 Flat Electronic Wall Safe for Jewelry Security Paragon Lock and Safe

Designed to protect your belongings without the risk of anyone being able to force this safe open, this is a great option for storing jewelry, guns, or important papers in your home. With 1/8” thick solid steel all around the safe, it’s easy to see how your items will be protected.


        Comes with 10-year manufacturer warranty

        Frame around the safe makes a neat installation easy

        Can be opened with a PIN or key

        Fits easily between the studs

        Includes anchor bolts

        Interior and exterior are powder coated

        Easy to change the PIN


        Instructions aren’t clear and make installation difficult

Because I believe in taking all the steps possible to protect your belongings when you have them in a wall safe, I recommend the Protex WES2113-DF Fire Resistant Electronic Wall Safe. Not only is this safe durable and fairly easy to install and secure into the studs of your walls, but I really like that it offers some fire protection for your belongings. It’s important to consider all disasters that could occur at your home and how you would handle them, and buying a safe that can withstand fire, at least for a short amount of time, without your documents being ruined, is important.

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