Best Outdoor Motion Sensor Lights

Last Updated on September 1, 2020

Are you searching for the best outdoor motion sensor lights?

Installing quality motion sensor lights are an important part of home security and they also provide convenient everyday lighting that is budget conscious.

I have reviewed the top models available and after reading this article you will know my recommendations.

Check out the quick list below for links to customer reviews and prices for the best outdoor motion sensor lights picks, or read on for the full review:

  1. Upgraded SANSI LED Outdoor Sensor Light
  2. LEPOWER 3500LM LED Security Light
  3. LITOM 20 LED Basics Solar Lights Outdoor
  4. BAXIA Technology 28 LED Solar Lights
  5. Mr. Beams MB360XT Wireless Sensor Light

Motion sensor lights present a better alternative to standard outdoor lighting as they will keep your house secure from criminal activities without having to squander your money on wasted energy. That being said, this article will help illuminate the primary features to look for and reveal our picks for the top outdoor motion sensor lights.

How to Choose The Best Outdoor Motion Sensor Light

Before purchasing a motion detector light, you need to consider a few factors, such as how far away you want your sensor to detect motion, which source of energy you’re going to use, and the brightness level you want to achieve.

Range of Detection

Motion sensors commonly tend to have a detection range between 20 to 100 feet away with a detection angle that scans from 100 up to 270 degrees. If you have a small property and you would like the lights to turn on at a doorway, then a motion sensor light of a shorter range and a narrow detection angle will get the job done. With a larger property, you would want to utilize a sensor that has a detection range of 70 feet and a wider detection angle.

Type of Light

LED and incandescent light bulbs are the two most utilized lighting types. Most sensor lights tend to use LED lighting because of their lower voltage demand that helps save on electricity. Also, they have little to no heat emittance which eliminates any chance of a fire. Incandescent light bulbs are much brighter than their LED counterparts, but they can get very hot if left on for a long time, and that often subtracts from their lifetime.

Period of Illumination

This is used to refer to the amount of time the lights will remain turned on before shutting off. A lot of the options on the market have an adjustable period of illumination, while a few others have a set period.

Level of Luminance

The luminance value dictates how bright the light is and it’s measured in lumens. A 75-watt light bulb is capable of producing 1000 lumens and a 100-watt bulb can produce around 1600 lumens. The level of luminance of LED lights can be anywhere between 250 and 3600 lumens. Make sure you check for the lumens value in the product’s description.

Power Source

Some sensor lights use rechargeable batteries as a power source. They’re fairly easy to install because no wiring is required, but their brightness level isn’t very impressive. Regular alkaline batteries can last about a year before having to replace them. Other types of sensor lights utilize solar packs, which will ensure lighting when the power is out. This type is the most expensive and they’re often rare to find on the market. The last and most common type is the hardwired sensor lights. This type provides the best brightness and illumination.

Sensing Functionality

Sensor lights usually operate on two functionalities. The first one is automatic lighting which takes place whenever motion is detected. This functionality can be utilized by double flipping the switch. The second one is manually flipping the switch on and off. This functionality can be used as a basic light source in a certain area where you want the light to stay on.

Top Outdoor Motion Sensor Lights

With the deluge of products on the market, it’s quite the daunting task trying to filter out the right product for you. We’ve taken the time to do the research on your behalf and we came to the conclusion that the following products are the best motion sensor lights for outdoor use.

Upgraded SANSI LED Outdoor Sensor Light

This model from SANSI presents incredible density that rate at 3600 lumens with just 36 watts. which is equivalent to a 250 watts incandescent. With such level of brightness emitting from 8 powerful LEDs, you’re guaranteed to have your property lit up completely while cutting on your electricity bill. It offers a decent range of detection that spans 50 x 50 feet with a 180-degree sensing angle. This sensor light weighs only 2.35 pounds, which is pretty light.

This sensor light has 4 different working modes that will meet your every need. The test mode is used to check if the sensor is performing properly or not, it turns the lights on for only 5 seconds when motion is detected. Auto mode turns the lights on for 1-10 minutes when the sensor detects motion. The on-time mode allows you to utilize LED light without motion sensing. Finally, the dusk to dawn mode will turn on the lights at dusk and turn it off at dawn.


  • Construction is weather resistant
  • Easy to mount and install
  • Very high level of luminance
  • Requires low maintenance


  • Steep price tag

LEPOWER 3500LM LED Security Light

This sensor light consists of 3 LED light heads that are made of die-casting aluminum to ensure a more durable performance. It rates at 3500 lumens when it comes to brightness. Even though it’s a hardwired sensor light, the step-by-step installation process is very easy. One thing that this light seems to lack is an “always on” mode. The design of this light allows it to work efficiently both indoors and outdoors. The detection range of this sensor light is a maximum of 49 feet with a 180-degree sensing angle.

There are 2 convenient modes that this sensor can operate on. The first one is the test mode, which will turn on the light for 6 seconds after detecting motion during the day or the night. The second mode is the auto-on, this mode will turn on the lights whenever motion is detected then turn it off automatically after 30 seconds to 2 minutes of the preset time when no further movement has been detected. Auto motion sensor mode can be activated by switching to any of the switch positions, each of these settings will indicate the amount of time the light will be on.


  • Extremely bright light
  • Great value for the money
  • Rainproof construction


  • LED bulbs aren’t replaceable
  • Doesn’t have an always-on mode

LITOM 20 LED Basics Solar Lights Outdoor

This solar-powered sensor light offers 20 LED bulbs that can cover up to 200 square feet with a sensing distance of 26 feet at a 120-degree sensing angle. The design is waterproof and can very well hold its own against heat and frost. Since this is a solar-powered light sensor, the installation process is as simple as choosing a spot to set it up at and that’s it. Also, the weight of this sensor light is pretty light at 1.52 pounds.

During the day, the LITOM Motion Sensor Lights will absorb sunlight and convert it into electricity. During the night, the motion sensor will turn the lights up for 30 seconds once it detects motion then turn the lights off when no further motion has been detected. The lighting time will be prolonged if any motion is detected once again. The PIR motion detector is said to be developed by LITOM to achieve 20% higher sensitivity and range than general LED lights.


  • Solar powered light sensor
  • Easy installation process
  • Lightweight design
  • Waterproof construction


  • Steep price tag
  • Mediocre detection range

BAXIA Technology 28 LED Solar Lights

The Baxia solar light is one of the most favored on the market for its exceptional level of brightness and zero consumption of electricity. It’s equipped with a poly-silicon solar panel that converts sunlight into electricity. The panel is quickly charged to last the whole night when placed under sunlight for 8 hours. The detection range is between 9 to 16 feet away with a sensing angle of 120 degrees. This unit features 28 solar lights that produce 400 lumens.

The Baxia technology outdoor light utilizes a pin key instead of an on/off switch. A single tap on the key will turn the lights on and double tapping it will turn it off. The smooth finish that the keyhole provides the pin key prevents accidental tapping. The lights will automatically turn brighter the darker it gets. The construction of this solar light is composed of high impact ABS that grants it great durability.


  • Weatherproof design
  • Durable ABS construction
  • Easy installation process
  • Pro-silicon solar panel


  • Needs a few days to fully charge
  • Doesn’t support 24-hour lighting

Mr. Beams Wireless Sensor Light

As a battery powered sensor light, the MB360XT is an ideal unit in plenty of different situations such as gardens, attics, and walkways to name a few. Also, no mains wiring is required. The range of detection spans 30 feet and the lights can cover a 600 square feet distance. Lights will be automatically turned off once no motion has been detected for more than 20 seconds.

This unit can effectively cover larger areas because of the reflective face that spreads the light across to create a wider coverage. The weatherproof design grants this unit reliability as an outdoor spotlight. A few downfalls regarding this unit is that the batteries are sold separately and the level of luminance isn’t as bright at 200 lumens as other options.


  • Battery operated sensor light
  • Easy wireless installation
  • Reflective face for wider coverage
  • Relatively cheap


  • Batteries are sold separately
  • Subpar luminance level

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Overall, any product tends to have its strengths and weaknesses, it all depends on how you’re going to utilize it. If you’re trying to secure a large property and you want a great deal of luminance, then you should rather go for LEPOWER 3500LM as it offers great luminescence and ample covering distance. For a more enclosed space and to avoid any hassles that come with wiring, the BAXIA Technology 28 LED is probably your best bet. Hopefully, you were able to pick the product that best suits you based on the information we’ve provided.

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