Best Night Vision Security Camera

Are you looking for the best night vision security camera? 

I have reviewed the most popular stand alone night vision security cameras, along with full night vision security camera systems. After reading this article you will learn my picks for the best of both options.

Check out the quick list below for price and customer reviews for the best night vision security camera review picks if you are in a hurry, or read on for the full review:

  1.  Yi Dome Camera 1080p HD Wireless Security Night Vision Surveillance System
  2.  Yi 1080p Indoor Dome Indoor Night Vision Security Camera
  3.  SV3C CCTV Night Vision Outdoor Security Camera
  4.  Firstrend 1080p Wireless Night Vision Security System
  5.  Onwote 1080p NVR Wireless Night Vision Security Camera System, Outdoor
  6.  Reolink Argos Pro Rechargeable Battery/Solar Wireless
  7.  Tenvis Indoor Dome Night Vision Security Camera
  8.  Best Vision Night Vision DVR Security System
  9.  R-Tech Analog Bullet Security Camera
  10.  Zosi 4-in1 Weatherproof Bullet Night Vision Camera

I am passionate about home security and believe that a top night vision security camera is an important part of protecting your family and your property. 

Most night vision security cameras are designed to kick in to night vision mode automatically. 

This is one of my favorite camera features and I highly recommend you go with a model that offers this function. 

Knowing that your camera will automatically adjust settings as the light changes is sure to give you peace of mind. Not to mention tremendous time savings.

You also want to consider your cameras field of view so you can remain aware of any blind spots. 

These can occur when your security cameras aren’t able to see all areas of your home, which can put you and your family in danger. 

Not good.

Understanding your camera’s field of vision and blind spots will allow you to plan for them and get full coverage of your home and property. 

It’s also important to consider if you are going to hook your security camera up to your wifi. 

This allows for easy monitoring and is my personal preference for ease of installation. 

Some cameras will connect to your home WIFI, while others have a built-in router. 

While these tend to be a little more expensive, you won’t have to worry about your cameras being able to connect to your home WIFI. A good option if that is important to you.

Night Vision Security Camera Advantages

In my opinion, a high quality security camera system is a necessity. A home with a security camera system is a home that is vulnerable to many potential risks.

And the main benefit of a night vision security camera over a standard camera security system is being able to clearly monitor your home even at night and other low light conditions. 

By choosing a security camera that can view long range and wide view range, you will be able to see anything moving on your property. 

Range is very important to me.

Additionally, by opting for a camera that will automatically start recording when there is motion, you never have to worry about scanning through long hours of footage. Unless you set your camera to record 24/7. 

Being notified when there is movement in or around your home will allow you to check the videos, giving you peace of mind without requiring you to constantly monitor footage out of fear of accidentally missing something in the recordings.

Night Vision Camera System Features

It’s important to consider the installation difficulty of your new night vision camera. 

Unless you are already skilled in installation and understand electrical work, you will probably want to opt for a camera that provides fast and easy installation. 

Additionally, pay attention to whether or not the camera you are considering will send you alerts when there is motion detected in your videos. 

I always recommend motion detection in a security camera system. It does add to the total investment but it is well worth it.

These alerts often come through a connected app or via an email, and they will allow you to quickly check your cameras videos to make sure that you don’t have an intruder in your home. 

Motion detection is a great feature and one that I think is worth paying a little extra for.

Finally, consider what type of video storage capability the camera has. 

Some cameras will allow you to connect a large hard drive so that you can easily store more video. 

See my picks for the best hard drive for security DVR systems.

These cameras also allow you to record 24/7 without worry about having enough space for your videos. 

Using Your New Night Vision Security Camera

It’s important to understand how night vision works so that you know what to expect from your new camera. 

While many people think that the night vision used in night vision goggles and in cameras are the same, but they are actually different. 

Security cameras use IR light that is emitted from LED bulbs that act to flood the camera’s field of view with infrared light so that it can record clear videos outside, in the dark. 

The great thing about infrared light is that intruders cannot see it with the naked eye. 

So your home or property won’t look lit up, but it will be bright enough for your camera to record clear videos. 

Cameras with infrared lights often have an IR cut filter as well. 

IR cut filters automatically detects when it is daylight outside and then will block out all infrared light so that the colors on your video are as accurate as possible. 

When it gets dark, the camera removes the filter. Allowing infrared light coming from the camera to be recorded, letting you to see clearly.

Best Night Vision Security Cameras

There are few things I pay more attention to than ensuring my family and property are protected. I have used many styles of security camera systems over the years and now that night vision technology has improved I would use no other style of camera outside of my home. Having a high resolution picture of your property, at night, is a huge leap forward in securing your home from would be intruders. The long range capabilities of these systems make even the largest areas possible to cover. I have reviewed these night vision cameras with performance, durability, and ease of installation in mind.

Enjoy almost zero blind spots in your home when you opt for this powerful security camera. With built-in infrared LEDs, this dome cam can easily see even when it is dark in your home, making it easy to protect your family. Equipped with pan, tilt, zoom, motion tracking capabilities. Compatible with iOS and Android.


        112-degree wide-angle lens allows you to see a large area

        Vertical rotation range provides you with 360-degree coverage

        Advanced microphone makes it easy to hear clear audio

        Offers intercom mode

        Provides you with real-time activity alerts

        Auto-cruise feature will scan the entire 360-degree area

        Integrates easily with Yi home family to allow you to customize settings

        Detects baby crying in seconds and sends alert to your phone


        Microphones tend to stop working after a while

        Camera system can be hacked

        Difficult to pair and setup

With motion detection as well as two-way audio, you can easily not only keep an eye on your home, but also communicate with other family members. Enjoy controlling your camera through the powerful and easy-to-use app. iOS and Android compatible. 


        Enhanced night vision automatically turns on

        Provides motion detection and baby crying detection and sends alerts to your phone

        Activity alerts are available without a subscription

        Enjoy two-way audio to communicate with others when you are connected to WIFI

        Supports YI Cloud so that you can easily store footage from your memory card

        Full panorama vision allows you to see everywhere in your home

        Enjoy 4 live camera feeds on one screen


        Privacy policy is very loose, allowing the company to easily view your videos

        Won’t work unless Yi has access to your personal information

        Can start to release a melting smell

Enjoy a powerful wireless camera that easily transmits your videos via WIFI so that you can view them from an app on your phone. This camera is made for both indoor and outdoor use and works well during the day and night. Waterproof and Infrared LED motion detection make this a great all around camera.


        Easy to set up with a secure WIFI connection

        Smart motion detection will alert you to movement in your home

        Adjust detection area, alarm sensitivity, and detecting

        LED lights offer incredible night vision

        Easily monitor up to 67 feet

        Waterproof so it can be used outside

        Customer service makes it easy to get the help that you need


        Difficult to administer the camera via the web

        Camera doesn’t work reliably in hotter weather

        Field of view is not as large as other cameras

Not only will this camera system work in temperatures that range from -50 F to 122 F, but it is very easy to control the camera. View and delete your videos, and check when there was motion in or around your home. Complete system with cameras and 2TB hard drive. Excellent set it and forget it option.


        1-year warranty from the company

        Plug and play kit is easy to set up and use

        Streams videos via WIFI for you to view them on your app

        Compatible with most smartphones

        Email or app alert notifies you when there is movement in your home

        Has night vision up to 65 feet

        Can be installed in indoor and outdoor locations


        Manual is not easy to understand

        Customer service is not very responsive

        Installation is not easy

        Video tends to be choppy

This security camera supports 24/7 recording, provides you with easy remote access to view live streams of your home, and comes with a built-in router so that you aren’t using your home WIFI. Additionally, the 6 LED arrays automatically activate when it gets dark out, and they can see up to 80 feet away.


        No need to run video cables

        Includes built-in router so that it doesn’t use your home’s WIFI

        Provides stunning clarity during both day and night

        Receive motion alerts on your phone

        1-year warranty on the camera

        Customer service replies in 8 hours or less


        It can be difficult for the camera feeds to load

        The app is not easy to use and can seem a little clunky

        Must install internal hard drive to record video

Reolink Argos Pro Rechargeable Battery/Solar Wireless Night Vision Camera

This camera needs no wiring or cords to install making this simple to cover even large outdoor areas. These cams also work inside making them an excellent all purpose solution. The Reolink camera comes out of the box ready to use with battery power, but can be integrated with a solar panel for set it and forget it simplicity. I already have solar system set up but if you do not you will need to invest in a solar panel to charge this camera.


        Simple wireless installation

        Power with battery or solar

        Full HD 1080p

        33 foot night vision range


        Will need to purchase separate DVR system

Tenvis Indoor Dome Wireless Night Vision Security Camera

Perfect smart night vision camera for in home use to keep an eye on your children, pets, and other indoor access points. This camera has a 355 degree horizontal and a 120 degree vertical coverage range. This dome style cam has an excellent image quality and is expandable to as many total cameras you need to cover your house. This cam can be set to send notifications to your email or phone, making it perfect for keeping an eye on your babysitter when away from home. Connection with your WiFi is just one click making installation quick and easy.


        Smart camera send notifications where you need them

        Provides a wide picture range

        Easy installation

        Motion detection


        Motion detection lasts only 15 seconds

Best Vision Night Vision DVR Security System

This is an excellent all in one camera system. Equipped with 16 Channels with one TB HDD hard drive space. This camera system records in real time and is perfect for property access points. The 1080p resolution picture quality is very clear. The eight included bullet cameras perform very well even in poor weather conditions. Comes with 60 feet of video and power cables and additional hardware. If you have a particularly large property you may need more cable than what comes in the box.


        Smart camera provides notifications to your phone

        Bullet cameras with excellent video quality

        Comes with all hardware for standard installation

        Performs well in poor weather


        May need more cable

R-Tech Analog Outdoor Bullet Security Camera

This is a great outdoor night vision cam with 4 HD video outputs. Very good 1080P HD-CVI and 1080P HD-TVI picture quality. I like the switch and cable controller that makes selecting video mode a breeze. The IR LED sensor is accurate preventing missed video when dusk rolls around. The lens is of good quality and allows you to manually adjust it for optimal focus. This is a solid and durable night vision camera option.


        Quality video 

        Durable construction

        1080P AHD, 1080P HD-CVI, 1080P HD-TVI, 1200TVL Analog CVBS



        Installation somewhat complex

Zosi 4-in-1 Weatherproof Bullet Night Vision Security Camera

The 4-in-1 stands for TVI, CVI, AHD, and CVBS and this versatile camera is compatible with HD-TVI, AHD, CVI, and CVBS/960H analog DVR’s. The night vision range is an impressive 120 feet making this an excellent camera for homeowners with large houses and properties. But don’t let the range fool you, this camera performs well indoors as well. The camera housing is durable and constructed from aluminium and is weatherproof and damage resistant.


        Compatible with most DVR’s

        Weatherproof and damage resistant 

        120 foot night vision range

        1 year warranty and lifetime tech support


        Does not come with DVR

The Onwote Wireless Security Camera System is an excellent option that is both durable and relatively easy to set up. Being that this is an all in one system, it makes putting together multiple pieces unnecessary. You can easy cover the entire outdoor areas of your home.

Whichever of the picks for best night vision security camera you go with, you will not be disappointed. Let me know which one you chose in the comments below.

Here is the quick list with the best night vision security camera review picks on more time. To see prices and customer reviews view the links below.

  1. Yi Dome Camera 1080p HD Wireless Security Night Vision Surveillance System
  2.  Yi 1080p Indoor Dome Indoor Night Vision Security Camera
  3.  SV3C CCTV Night Vision Outdoor Security Camera
  4.  Firstrend 1080p Wireless Night Vision Security System
  5.  Onwote 1080p NVR Wireless Night Vision Security Camera System, Outdoor
  6.  Reolink Argos Pro Rechargeable Battery/Solar Wireless
  7.  Tenvis Indoor Dome Night Vision Security Camera
  8.  Best Vision Night Vision DVR Security System
  9.  R-Tech Analog Bullet Security Camera
  10.  Zosi 4-in1 Weatherproof Bullet Night Vision Camera
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