Best Trolling Motor Battery

A trolling motor battery is an essential gadget for any water vessel and if you want a battery that performs at its highest potential, you need to decide which battery is most compatible with your needs. Let us present you with a quick guide to buying the best trolling motor battery and show you our favorite picks.

Check out the quick list below for links to customer reviews and prices for my picks, or read on for the full review:

  1.  Mighty Max Power Boat and Pontoon Trolling Motor Battery
  2.  Mighty Max Minn Kota 12V Light Trolling Motor Battery
  3.  Mighty Max SLA Trolling Motor Battery for Minn Kota Endura C2
  4.  ExpertPower EXP12180 Trolling Motor Battery

A trolling motor battery is a piece of equipment that you definitely need whether you spend a lot of time in the water, or you are looking for a backup motor in case the boat engine fails (No one wants to be in the water without reliable power!) or even as a general backup power supply.

AGM vs Wet Cell Trolling Motor Batteries

Wet cell batteries are traditional, affordable batteries that handle frequent charging without being damaged. These batteries require maintenance by adding distilled water and are susceptible to corrosion and leakage since they are not sealed.

Absorbed Glass Mat batteries (AGM) on the other hand are sealed batteries that charge much faster than the wet cell batteries and last longer. They are more costly than wet cell batteries, but considering their durability and vibration resistance, they are usually worth it.

7 Things to Consider When Selecting Your Trolling Motor Battery

1.    Ampere Hours

This refers to the number of amps that can be discharged in a certain amount of time. You need to identify how many amps your motor needs to power it. The bigger your boat is the more ampere-hours it will need.

2.    Size

The size of your motor determines the battery size. A battery that is too big for your motor,  is likely to weigh it down, while a battery that is too small won’t be sufficient to power up your motor. You can easily find your motor requirements in its catalog.

3.    Vibration and shockproof

Water vessels are likely to face currents and vibrations so keep that in mind. You need a  vibration resistant battery or else there is a risk of damage. A sealed, shock resistant battery is your best option.

4.    Ease of use

Since you will be installing the battery, it is key that you choose a battery that is not complicated to install.

5.    Versatility

Buying a battery that you can use for many functions rather than one, means you get a lot of bang for your buck. 

6.    Design

Most trolling motor batteries nowadays are designed in a sealed, lightweight compact design allowing you to mount it in any position you like.

7.    Lifespan

We can’t give a precise number as to how many years a battery would last, because that depends on a variety of factors such as the material used, the temperature in which it operates and usage rate. Generally speaking an AGM battery can last 2 to 3 times as long as a wet cell battery, on average.

Trolling Motor Battery FAQ

1.    How should I store my battery?

Store your batteries in a dark room and separate different types of batteries.

2.    How do I maintain my battery?

Avoid overcharging your battery if you want it to last longer and make sure you never drain it fully. Aim to only consumer 75% of its charge before recharging it again. If it’s a wet cell battery, be sure to fill it with distilled water occasionally.

3.    Do I clean my battery?

Not really! All you need to do is wipe off any dust or grime on your battery.

4.    Which charger should I use?

If you want your battery to perform well, you need to make sure you use a compatible charger and it’s best to use one recommended by the battery manufacturer.

4 Best Trolling Motor Batteries

Mighty Max Battery Power Boat and Pontoon Trolling Motor Battery

This Mighty Max battery is a 12V sealed acid type battery that is used to operate various trolling motors. It’s an AGM type battery so if you’re looking for a maintenance-free battery that can be mounted in any position, this battery is on your options list. One of its advantages is that it’s a long-lasting, strong battery that you can own at a decent price. It also works with other applications.


     Voltage: 55 Ah

     Amp Hour: 55Ah

     Dimensions: 9.02 x 5.43 x 9.13 inches

     Weight: 38.58 pounds


     Doesn’t require any mounting accessories

     Durable and powerful

     Performs well in different temperatures

     Comes with a 1-year warranty


     Relatively heavy

     Not suitable for small boats

Mighty Max Minn Kota 12V Light Trolling Motor Battery

This light trolling battery is an AGM technology battery, and that makes it spill-proof so you can mount it in any way you like on your boat. If you are looking for a strong, reliable battery that is light and convenient to move around, the Light Trolling Motor Sevylor Minn Kota fits right in. It is an affordable 12V battery that works in different settings.

Although lightweight, this battery is a heavy-duty battery made of calcium-alloy grid that gives it exceptional power and great performance. It’s a suitable choice if you don’t have a big budget but bear in mind that it isn’t enough to power larger boats.


     Voltage: 12V

     Amp Hour: 35Ah

     Dimensions:7.68 x 5.16 x 7.13 inches

     Weight: 23.15 pounds


     Lightweight and space saving

     Corrosion resistant

     Comes with a 1-year warranty


  •  Not made for extended use between charges


Mighty Max SLA Battery for Minn Kota Endura C2 Trolling Motor

The Mighty Max 35Ah battery is a spill-proof AGM battery that offers awesome features at a low cost. Like the light trolling motor battery Sevylor Minn Kota, this battery is lightweight and compact so it’s a good choice if you don’t have much space on your vessel. At 35Ah this relatively small battery is only well-suited for smaller trolling motors and kayaks.



     Amp hour: 35Ah

     Dimensions:7.68 x 5.16 x 7.13 inches

     Weight: 23.15 pounds


     Works great with small boats and kayaks


     Space saving



  • Not the longest life between charges

ExpertPower EXP12180 Trolling Motor Battery

The ExpertPower EXP12180 is one of the small-sized series batteries. It is considered a good quality AGM battery that is used for numerous applications such as, house alarm systems, medical devices, and emergency power supply.

Although this battery was not specifically designed for trolling motors, it does work just fine with small-sized boats for a fairly short period of time. With this battery, you face no risk of leakage because it’s a sealed acid battery and you can fix it in any position.


     Voltage: 12V

     Amp Hour: 18Ah

     Dimensions: 7.12 x 3.03 x 6.3 inches

     Weight: 11.68 pounds


     Works with various gadgets

     Easy set-up and operation

     Lightweight and compact


     Continuous charging causes the battery to heat up which in turn may drop its efficiency level

Bonus: Minn Kota Trolling Motor Power Center

The Minn Kota Power center is a storage unit for batteries. It’s a good option for you if you own a small-size boat that doesn’t have a compartment for batteries (it is not a battery in itself). It features a built-in meter that allows you to check the status of your battery and see how much charge is left. This power center is of use for you if your battery is of group 24 or 27 size. Another cool thing about this product is that it comes with two 12 Volt accessory plugs.


     Dimensions:14.9 x 8.7 x 15 inches

     Weight: 4.2 pounds


     Safe battery storage onboard

     Made of high-quality plastic

     Comes with a 1-year warranty


     Not suitable for holding heavy-weight batteries

So, which battery do we find is the best out of all options?

The Mighty Max Battery 12V 55AH Battery for Power Boat Pontoon Trolling is your ultimate battery. After extensive research, we found that this dependable battery is the strongest on our list. With 55Ah, this powerful battery can be used in countless applications and it will give you awesome results.


We can’t deny that it isn’t the most affordable battery as compared to others, however, if you want a battery that would serve as a good back up for you in emergencies, you’ll have to go the extra mile. It is sealed, safe and doesn’t require maintenance. Mount this battery anyhow you like, and you are good to go! 

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