Best RV Battery

Are you searching for the best RV battery?

Whether you need a replacement or a backup rv battery, it is important to select a high quality battery that will not leave stranded on the road.

I have reviewed the most popular RV batteries on the market and after reading this article you will know my recommendations.

Check out the quick list below for links to customer reviews and prices for my picks, or read on for the full reviews:

  1.  Renogy 12V 100AH Rechargeable Deep Cycle Pure Gel Battery
  2.  Renogy Deep Cycle AGM Battery 1V 100AH
  3.  Universal UB121000-45978 Deep Cycle AGM Battery
  4.  DieHard 38217 Group Advanced Gold AGM Battery
  5.  WindyNation 100AH 12V AGM Deep Cycle Sealed Lead Acid Battery

There are multiple battery options and they each come with their own advantages and disadvantages. 

It’s important for RV’ers to know the difference between marine batteries, deep-cycle batteries, and flooded-cell batteries so that they can easily choose the right ones for your intended use.

If you only need a battery to help you get from your home to the campground, then you may be able to use a marine battery. 

If you want to boondock, however, you will need a battery that has a larger capacity and will be able to provide you with more power so that you can easily run all of your appliances without problems.

Benefits of Having a High Quality RV Battery

When properly installed and maintained, an RV battery is a great way to make sure that you have power when on the road. 

Be able to run your appliances is a must in order to stay comfortable while using your RV. 

With a high quality RV battery, you won’t need to worry about having power when you are in between your home and a campsite.

What to Look For

You need to consider the life cycle of the battery you select. 

This will play a huge role in how long your battery will last, as every charging and recharging cycle will cause your battery life to reduce. 

Opting for a battery that is designed for deep cycle use will mean that you won’t have to worry about it failing as quickly as other options.

Also make sure that you see how much maintenance the battery that you’re considering requires. 

Some types of batteries require added water, while sealed batteries do not require any maintenance. 

Make sure that you know how much time and effort you are willing to spend on taking care of your batteries so that you can choose the right one for you.

How to Best Use Your New RV Battery

Before you try to hook up your new RV battery, you need to make sure that you understand how to correctly install it.

I find that every RV battery has different mounting needs, which is why you will need to do your research on the type of battery that you have chosen for your RV. 

This will ensure that you mount it correctly and that you don’t have problems with your battery when you are on the road.

Check out this quick video to see how to connect your RV battery


While some RVers think that buying new batteries on a regular basis is normal, it isn’t. 

These precautions will help you get the most use out of your new battery.

First, be aware that you don’t want to let your battery go below a 50% charge

Once your battery goes below 20% it can become damaged and may never be able to function back at 100% again. 

This will be frustrating and expensive. 

Make sure that you monitor the voltage of your RV battery so that you don’t experience problems with your appliances not working correctly or your battery failing. 

If you have an RV with a solar panel or inverter, then you can easily monitor the charge state and voltage on the battery monitor. 

Otherwise, I recommend using a digital voltmeter.

The most common reason that RV batteries fail is that they have been overcharged or undercharged. 

When you don’t fully recharge your battery between cycles, then the sulfate material inside the battery will harden into crystals, which can ruin your battery. 

On the other hand, if you overcharge your battery on a regular basis, then you can suffer from plate corrosion, as well as severe water loss. 

Now, let’s get to the best RV battery recommendations.

Renogy 12V 100AH Rechargeable Deep Cycle Pure Gel Battery

Thanks to the high purity lead, strong grids, and gel electrolytes included in this battery, it is designed to offer you all of the power and control that you need when operating your appliances. It provides great recovery, even after deep discharge, and it will recharge quickly to a normal level, time and time again. If looking for a deep cycle battery, this is a winner.


        Triplex sealed construction for incredibly durability

        Low self-discharge

        Explosion-proof safety valves

        Designed to prevent fire in the internal battery

        Equipped with PE compound separator construction

        Designed for 10 years of standby use

        Works even below 25C


        Very Heavy

Renogy Deep Cycle AGM Battery 12 Volt 100AH RV, Solar, Marine, Off Grid

This durable and high-capacity battery will solve your energy problems quickly and easily. Because you don’t have to worry about maintenance when you opt for this battery, you can easily hook it up in your RV or use it for other applications without worrying about the battery failing you. This means that you can set up your new battery without worrying about how well or long it will work. Another great battery from Renogy


        Offers maintenance-free operation

        The battery is corrosion-resistant

        Offers optimized capability for instant discharging

        Spill-proof and leak-proof

        Ideal for both daily use and backup power

        Very heavy, won’t shift once installed in position


        Can take a long time to initially charge

Universal UB121000-45978 12V 100AH Deep Cycle AGM Battery

This durable and reliable battery is perfectly designed for life on the road, as it can handle being installed in most any position, won’t be damaged by rough terrain, and works well without a lot of maintenance. This means that you won’t have to worry about how well your battery works or if it will have the lifespan that you need to keep your RV appliances operating the way that you want them to.


        Can be mounted easily in any position

        Resistance to vibrations and to shocks

        Holds a charge well and charges quickly

        Great option for the price

        Incredibly reliable, even in extreme temperatures

        Very easy to mount and install


        Won’t last as long as Renogy batteries

DieHard 38217 Group Advanced Gold AGM Battery GP 49

When you want the longest life possible from your new battery, as well as protection so that your battery will continue to perform the way that it needs to, then it’s time to consider this battery from DieHard. It comes with a free replacement warranty for 3 years so that you can rest assured that if you run into problems, they will be taken care of.


        Offers 20X the vibration performance when compared to other batteries

        Features a spill proof design

        Suspension system protects internal components

        Features optimized power full-frame positive

        Can be mounted in most any position

        Tamper-resistant design


        Can be difficult to secure with included hardware

        Doesn’t always come fully charged

WindyNation 100AH 12V AGM Deep Cycle Sealed Lead Acid Battery

This powerful battery is great for an off-grid power needs, and since it can easily be discharged and recharged thousands of times without showing signs of wear and tear or slowing down. It’s especially suited for applications in an RV. Additionally, the low discharge rate combined with the optimum power storage means that when you have it installed, you don’t need to worry about having the power you need.


        Designed for deep and repetitive charges

        Allows for low discharge rate

        Provides maximum power storage

        Float life of 10 to 12 years

        Non-spillage design makes the battery ideal for multiple applications

        Can be discharged and recharged thousands of times


        Has very short tub terminals

        Not able to be mounted in any position

        Only features 1-year warranty

For the best RV battery that is designed not only to provide you with plenty of power when you are on the road, but is also easy to use and will last for years, I recommend the DieHard 38217 battery. This AGM battery doesn’t require any maintenance, and once you install it correctly in your RV, you won’t have to worry about it failing you when you’re traveling. Because of the vibration protection and the fact that you can mount it in multiple ways, you can rely on this battery to provide you the power that you need without being a hassle to install.

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