Best ATV Battery

Are you searching for the best ATV battery? 

I’ve reviewed the best models available on the market and after reading this article you will know my picks.

Understanding the different types of batteries will definitely help you narrow down your choices and select the one that best suits your four wheeler or all terrain vehicle.

Check out the quick list below for links to customer reviews and prices for my best ATV Battery picks, or read on for the full review:

  1.  Deka Power Sports ETX20L
  2.  AC Delco ATX20LBS Specialty AGM Battery
  3.  Mighty Max Battery YTX14-BS
  4.  Mighty Max Battery YTX14AH-BS
  5.  Mighty Max MMG YTX4L-BS Lithium Ion Sealed

ATV batteries are obviously smaller than standard car batteries. The voltage of ATV batteries ranges from 12.6 volts to 13.1 volts. A standard car battery is usually a volt higher than an ATV battery. The most common voltage for an ATV battery is 12 volts.

How to Charge and Maintain Your ATV Battery

ATV batteries need to be connected to a charger when they’re not being used. That will ensure their longevity and maintain their capacity. Not keeping a maintenance charge will lead to sulfation which is a battery’s sworn enemy and as a result, you might have to go through a costly replacement process. Do good by your battery for it to do good by you on the long run.

When you purchase a new battery, do not use it right away. Instead, you should trickle charge it for around 10 hours. Depending on the size of the battery, the amperage will be anywhere between 1 to 3 amps. This whole process is called the activation process. Batteries that aren’t properly activated usually suffer from capacity losses.

ATV Battery Types

The majority of battery types available are just variants or derivatives of two basic battery types, conventional Lead Acid batteries, and Absorbed Glass Mat batteries. But for the sake of expanding your overall knowledge of batteries, here’s a list of the most common battery types that you will find on the market.

Lead Acid Batteries

These old school batteries rose to prominence in the 1980s by Honda. This is one of the most popular and affordable types of batteries but they are also the most cumbersome. You have to fill the battery with acid yourself and charge it overnight. Also, the dry plates on these batteries can be easily damaged so you have to top it off with distilled water.

AGM Batteries

These batteries are an extremely popular choice for quite a number of reasons. They are filled, charged and ready to go. This type is more efficient than the conventional type as it is able to resist vibrations, power loss, and temperature vibrations while also being smaller and lighter. On the flipside, AGM batteries are slightly more expensive than their conventional counterparts.

Maintenance Free Batteries

This battery type is basically a derivative of a lead acid battery that is delivered with a pre-measured amount of acid. All you need to do is fill it, charge it and hit the road.

Gel Batteries

This type of batteries is filled with a gel matter that makes it more resistant to vibrations than an AGM battery. They are also smaller and lighter which as a result makes them more expensive.

Lithium Ion Batteries

This type of batteries is the most advanced one as of yet. An astounding combination of ultra lightweight and immense cranking amps. Many opt for this type when aiming to achieve the lightest vehicle weight possible. The downside of Lithium Ion batteries is that they are the most expensive on the market.

What Type of ATV Battery Should You Choose

For an ATV, the most common choices are the Lead Acid batteries and the AGM batteries. Both types can vary in quality and performance depending on the manufacturer, but the clear win goes to AGM batteries. AGM batteries have higher capacity and power rating than a conventional battery while also being smaller and lighter. They require low maintenance if none at all.

Best ATV Batteries

After testing a bunch of different batteries, we have compiled a list of what we think are the best ATV batteries on the market. We will be breaking down each of these batteries in pursuit of finding the ultimate ATV battery.

Deka Power Sports ETX20L

This is a highly recommended OEM battery that provides reliability and overall great performance at an affordable price. This battery is factory activated so it is delivered fully charged and ready for the installation process.

The battery is fully sealed, leak-proof, spill proof and does not come with an acid pack so it is absolutely maintenance free. The AGM technology grants it great power capacity and longevity.


  •  Dimensions L 6.80″ x W 3.40″ H 6.00″
  • Weight 14.2 lbs
  • 250 CCa
  • 12 Volt
  • 18 AH
  •  Affordable 
  • Sealed and leak proof
  • Extreme longevity
  • High power capacity
  •  Tall for some battery boxes

ACDelco ATX20LBS Specialty AGM Battery

This battery is delivered dry with a separate acid pack and so it needs an initial charge before being installed. While this could be a hassle, it gives the battery great longevity. AGM technology makes this battery spill proof and avoidant of water loss.

The battery comes accompanied by a convenient acid bottle that contains the correct amount of acid needed for the battery, so there won’t be any leftover acid to dispose of. The term maintenance free is applicable on this battery once the vent caps are installed.


  • Dimensions L 6.80″ x W 3.40″ x H 6.00″
  • Weight 14.2 lbs
  • 250 CCa
  • 12 Volts
  • 18 AH
  • Affordable 
  • Fast charging 
  • Easy installation 


  • Not the longest battery life

Mighty Max Battery YTX14-BS

The YTX14-BS is designed as a lithium-ion battery which makes it extremely light in terms of weight. Also, it is equipped with a standard ampere rating that’s below five amperes which makes this battery very durable. Great replacement for the Honda TRX300.

This battery is resistant to shocks and vibrations. Moreover, it can be mounted in any position within your vehicle. It is highly compatible with almost all ATVs and motorcycles. Maintenance free, factory activated and ready to be installed


  •  Dimensions L 6.00″ x W 6.00″ x H 5.75″
  • Replaces Honda TRX300, TRX350, TRX400, TRX420
  • Weight 9.92 lbs
  • 220 CCA
  • 12 Volt 
  • 12 AH


  • Lightweight
  • Sealed and leak proof
  • Fast  recharge rate
  • High compatibility 


  •  Two terminal orientation

Mighty Max Battery YTX14AH-BS

There are a lot of pleasing features about this battery, the most prominent feature of them all is that it’s resistant to extremely low temperatures so you won’t have to worry about it weakening in the cold. The AGM design will prevent any leakage or spilling and you won’t have to add water every so often.

Further, the battery is corrosion free and completely resistant to shocks and vibrations. Also, this battery can be mounted in any position. Overall, a mighty opponent from Mighty Max.


  • Dimensions L 5.00″ x W 3.50″ x H 6.30″
  • Weight 10.14 lbs
  • 210 CCA
  • 12 Volt
  • 12 AH


  • Temperature resistant 
  • Low maintenance 
  • Sealed and leak proof
  • Lightweight


  • Overheats in extreme temps

MMG YTX4L-BS Lithium Ion Sealed

Being a lithium-ion battery, this powerhouse is by far the smallest, lightest and most cranking of this list. This battery doesn’t include any acids or heavy metals so there’s no pollution and no spills.

This battery has a great cycle life of 2000 cycles which is pretty impressive compared to lead-acid batteries which usually have a maximum cycle life of 300 cycles. Also, there’s a charge indicator on the battery to show how much charge is left.


  • Dimensions L 4.50″ x W 3.30″ x H 2.80″
  • Weight 1.1 lbs
  • 120 CCA
  • 12 Volt


  • Very light weight
  • Great longevity
  • Pergect for small vehicles


  • Not best for extremely cold temps

While all of these batteries have their strengths and weaknesses, we strongly believe that the Mighty Max Battery YTX14AH-BS is the clear winner. The fact that this battery can withstand the harshest of temperatures is enough to have you sold on them.

Another battery that came close to winning was the MMG YTX4L-BS 4L-BS. This thing only weighs a single pound, yet it possesses extreme power and durability, which is worth the expensive price of value.

We hope you were able to decide on which battery works best for you and your ATV based on the information we provided. Let us know what you think.

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